Disinfection Methods For Natural Swimming Pool

Disinfection Methods For Natural Swimming Pool

Chlorine is the most common chemical used to treat swimming pool water. Not only does it disinfect germs and algae, but it also oxidises other things including dirt and chloramines.

The chlorine is injected into the pool water using an approved automatic chlorinator. When chlorine mixes with water, it produces a weak acid known as Hypochlorous acid.

Water's capacity to oxidise and disinfect is due to this acid rather than chlorine. The clean, dazzling appearance of pool water is due to proper chlorination and filtration.

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The physical and chemical parameters of your pool water must remain stable for it to be in the best possible condition. Most of the water disinfection and treatment technologies are designed to achieve this goal.

A salt chlorination system or neolysis system is a sustainable and healthy alternative to conventional chlorination.

What is the salt chlorination system?

Saltwater electrolysis is an eco-friendly solution. It consists of a salt electrolyser that converts small amounts of salt to chlorine that disinfects your pool.

Salt water Chlorination

It kills harmful bacteria and algae before reverting to salt and continuing the sanitation cycle.

Inbuilt sensors in the systems automatically adjust chlorine production and optimise pool water treatment depending on the pools environment, water temperature and the bather load.

The pool sanitation cycle is continuous. There is no need to supplement your pool water with additional disinfectants. It is by far the most effective method of purifying pool water while protecting the environment.

The first step in salt chlorination is to add 4 Kg of salt for every 1000 litre of water in a pool.

This percentage of salt is roughly nine times less than that found in seawater. After the salt has dissolved, an electric current is passed through an electrode, converting it to chlorine.

Once the chlorine has eliminated all microorganisms from the water, it turns back into salt. As a result, the concentration of salt in the water remains nearly constant.

To compensate for the salt losses caused by backwashing the filter, periodic top-ups are required.

What is Neolysis?

In a single reactor, the Neolysis unit combines UV water treatment with salt electrolysis to produce disinfected and chlorinated water.

Neolysis System

Neolysis devices can make most of the best characteristics and features of each of these technologies, whilst overriding their disadvantages. Pool water that is treated using Neolysis is natural, so it could even be used to water plants.

Moreover, the water has a salinity of less than 2 g/l (1.5 to 2 g/l), which is significantly lower than that of water treated with traditional salt electrolysis systems (4–6 g/l).

  • Greater disinfection Potential: UV treatment has been combined with chlorine generation, resulting in dual disinfection. This combination results in more efficient pool water disinfection with a low salinity index. And no additional chlorinated treatments or chemicals are needed.

  • Economical: The water and energy savings make this a sustainable technology. Filter washes are no longer required to reduce the concentration of chloramines.

  • Healthier: The higher the quality of the water, the better the bathing conditions and the reduction of itchy skin, nose, and eyes.

Both salt chlorination and neolysis are effective methods of disinfecting water and do not produce the same side effects that chlorine does.

The effects of chlorine include strong odours, an unpleasant taste in the water, sore eyes, irritated mucous membranes, and dry skin and hair.

Furthermore, the clean, healthy water promotes a sense of enjoyment and well-being, making every swim an unforgettable experience.

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