How To Choose Swimming Pool Tiles

How To Choose Swimming Pool Tiles

We take great pride in diagnosing and repairing pool issues perfectly the first time. Installation of pool tiles and repairs to the swimming pool MEP systems are our specialities.

What types of tiles are best suited for a Swimming pool?

Installation of Swimming pool tiles can be done using glass mosaic tiles, Transparent Glass Mosaic, porcelain Mosaic tiles etc which are most suitable for swimming pool application.

How to choose swimming pool tiles?

The most important part is the selection of tiles for your swim pool. The right choice of tiles makes a tremendous impact on the aesthetics of the swimming pool. Based on the type and size of swimming pool tiles we can calculate the labour cost for installation and required quantity of materials such as tile Gum, Adjoint mix, Epoxy etc.

Swimming Pool Tiles

Option 1
Pool tiling shall be done using Venetian glass mosaics size 20 mm x 20 mm or 25 mm x 25mm.

Option 2
Another great choice is the use of Transparent glass mosaics tiles available in size 25 x 25 mm. 50 x 50 mm. Thickness 4 mm. Size of 50mm x50mm or 100 x 100 mm with 8 mm thickness is a trend to use in big residential pools.

Option 3
Porcelain mosaics of good makes are available in Size 25 x 25 mm. 50 x 50 mm. 75 x 75 mm. 100x100mm. They're very much versatile, whether you're looking to create a statement with a feature floor. A gentle note about the thickness for all the above tiles should be 6 - 8 mm or plus.

Colour of swimming pool tiles.

Swimming is unquestionably one of the best leisure and exercises in the world. The choice of tiles in the swimming pool often helps in motivating and improve the clarity of your thoughts.

Swimming Pool Tiles

The most prefered selection is a blend of three to four colour to a sheet either from Blue, Aquamarine, Green or a mix of any of the above. Another fantastic option is going for a gradation of colour ie from dark to light colour which looks delightful with a big size pool.

Border Tiles For Swimming Pool

Depending on the type of swimming pool border tiles are added. If the pool is designed as skimmer type a border of 10 to 15 cm from the top of the coping stone will be a great addition. If it's an overflow pool border can be avoided.

If one or two sides has the vanishing edge a border for the dry area is optional.

Logo & Designs

If any logo or specific design is planned it is preferably placed to the centre portion of the bottom floor. Any design is possible some common two or three dolphins with a ball, flower, angelfish a mermaid etc.

In residential apartments and Villas, it is common practice to place the company logo of the builder in the pool centre.

Pool installed with high quality Venetian or transparent glass mosaics tiles have an excellent reflection of light and is always the first and foremost choice of clients. As porcelain mosaics, tiles reflection is far lower than that of glass mosaics swimming pool tiles.

In scenarios where the pool is designed to be of an Olympic or semi Olympic size in most of the cases, porcelain mosaics pool tiles are used. These pools are normally divided into tracks and lane marking are done with contrasting colours.

Prefered size of tiles for use in Olympic and semi-Olympic pools are of 240mmm*120mm.

Is swimming pool tiles same as normal Regular use Tiles?

People some times buy mistake opt for ceramic tiles which are used for wet areas. They will corrode off within a few years. As the water in the swimming pool is always treated and chemically balanced.

The tiles which are manufactured for use in swimming pool conditions are highly resistant to chemical action, wear and tear resistance is high compared to regular mosaic and ceramic tiles.

They also provide safety for the users, like Finger Grip tiles with Safety Marking, anti-skid tiles, grooved Anti-Slip Tiles with Safety Marking etc.

Swimming Pool Tiles

Some of the important features of Swimming Pool Tiles are listed below.

  • Lower Water Absorption means superior crazing & frost.

  • Resists algae growth

  • Withstands water pressure better than ordinary ceramic tiles.

  • Higher Hygiene factor and safety.

  • Longer service life.

  • Special designed and manufactured Tiles for pool Steps & Edges

  • Specialized pool fittings - Internal Cove, External Cove, Internal Angles wall-floor junction, External Angles of Wall floor Junction, Junction of 3 external angles

Moreover, they are easy to clean and maintain. Usually, soft brushing is done ideally twice a week to maintain hygiene and removes any settled debris.

Where to buy swimming pool tiles?

We are happy to give a free estimate for your new pool tiles or pool tile repairs. For more information about our pool repairs and services, or to set up your weekly service schedule, please call us at +91-9400726668 or fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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