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9 Types of Swimming Pool Water Features

These days swimming pools are one of the most common amities which can be found in residential flats, Villas and inside the modern health, centres.

When planning and designing your swimming pool, it is necessary to add beautiful water features to make it more luxurious and unique. There are vivid varieties of features which you can add to your swimming pool to make it unique to your property.

Water features can be as elaborate and tricky as you can think off, or as simple as a water blade in a furnished stone wall.

From infinity edges to rain curtains, a water feature can enhance your outdoor living space's beauty many folds. When designing your dream pool with our swimming pool designers, we will help you identify and integrate the swimming pool features into your design.

List of Some Pool Features & Accessories you can have for your pool.

  • Negative edges or Infinity Pools

  • Countercurrent swim

  • Fountains - Vessel Fountain

  • Wall spring & Rainshowers

  • Built-in barstools inside the pool

  • Floor bubbler / Fun square with Jacuzzi Jets and Air

  • Cascade - Natural Waterfall / Sheer waterfall

  • Underwater Speakers

  • LED Underwater pool lights

  • Relaxing Pool chair with a Canopy & Pergolas

  • Stainless Steel Ladders

  • Ozone System 

  • Saltwater chlorination system

  • Inverter Heat pumps 

  • Automatic and Manually operated Swimming Pool Covers 

  • Robotic Cleaners

  • Variable Speed Pumps

  • Rollers 

  • Gazebo, Cannabis, & Patios

  • Solar showers

  • Deck Jets

Types of Water Features

Some of the common types are explained in detail below. We strongly advise you to consult a professional like us to make sure it's compatible and possible to install the same. Since certain types may not get along well with your pool design, we can help you create an ambience of a resort-style swimming pool in your backyard.

A water feature can cost anywhere from a few thousand rupees to over lacs. The value of the water features will vary as per the size, the complexity of feature and accessories you prefer to add to the swimming pool.

9 Types of swimming pool water features are described below.

1)  Fountain: A wide range of forms and types are available, from overflow, floating types to Jets.

Types of Swimming Pool Water feature - Fountain

2)  Waterfall: Waterfalls are one of the most common water features to be paired with swimming pools. Often built with rocks or stones as part of a naturalistic pool design. We install both real rock and artificial or a combination of the two depending on the purpose and means for the project.

Types of Swimming Pool Water Feature - Waterfall

3)  Statuary or Sconce: A beautiful component attached to walls of the swimming pool from its openings narrow streams of water flow out. It can be in vivid shapes, architectural pieces, urns, sculptures or figures like dolphins.

Types of Swimming Pool Water Feature - Statuary - Sconce

4)  Cascade wall: This a common type these days, and various lengths of pre-moulded cascades are available. It is normally placed on a decorative wall adjacent to the swimming pool.

Types of Swimming Pool Water Feature - Cascade wall

5)  Rain curtain: Are normally installed in party pools to create rain effects, they can be easily fixed on to pergola like structures which over has into the swimming pool.

Types of Swimming Pool Water Feature - Rain curtain

6)  Scupper: A scupper is an opening that is attached to a wall or pedestal adjacent to the swimming pool.

Types of Swimming Pool Water Feature - Scupper

7)  Bubblers: are small forming jets in the floor of a shallow surface of the swimming pool that expels adjustable streams of water that bubble up.

Types of Swimming Pool Water Feature - Bubblers

8)  Spillover spa: A spa that is built above the pool level, which also serves as a variety of water feature as it overflows or seeps into the main swimming pool.

Types of Swimming Pool Water Feature -Spillover spa

9)  Laminar Jets: Often described as pencil or deck jet, these varieties of features are installed into pool decks which shoots a fine, stream of water into the swimming pool. As an extra feature laminar jets are often combined with built-in colour-               changing LED lights.

Types of Swimming Pool Water Feature - Laminar jets

10)  Slides: Are also one of the easest additions which you can make to your pool but, be cautious while using them. They can be cast into a rock column or can be stand-alone. Either way, do always make sure that you have sufficient depth and space necessary for a safely building a slide.

Types of Swimming Pool Water Feature - Infinity Edge

Some of the most-requested swimming pool water features are natural waterfalls, pool fountains, laminar jets, countercurrent thread mill, pool lighting, Automatic pool robotic cleaners, swimming pool covers, solar showers, etc

A thoughtfully designed cascade of water always draws the attention and can magically transform your spirit with its cool, tinkling sounds.

KJA & Sons have matured into one of the leading water feature specialists in South India, with many commercial and residential projects to our name. Create the right water feature for your swimming pool with us and increase the value of your property.

For your dream pool or swimming pool water features project, contact us today through our website or phone us on +91-9400726668. With our vast wealth of experience, we can recommend the best focal points for your outdoor living area and swimming pool.


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