Swimming Pool Remodeling, Restoration,& Renovation | Kerala

Swimming Pool Remodeling, Restoration, & Renovation | Kerala

Time takes its toll on everything doesn't matter whether it is your swimming pool or your car.

No matter how carefully you take care of your swimming pool and its equipment, at some point along with its life it will need a bit of restoration, remodelling or some times even replacements of certain parts.

You can entrust these works to our team with over 25 years of experience in successfully running pool redesigning, pool construction, pool equipment, and MEP work for commercial and residential pool owners.

The safest way to keep your swimming pool equipment and swimming pool always in the mint condition is to follow a consistent maintenance schedule.

We know that perhaps you’ve been setting off the unavoidable maintenance of swimming pool for a long time, not wanting to face the strain of pool renovation costs or swimming pool remodelling.

During the maintenance schedule of a swimming pool, the following critical pieces of equipment shall be inspected.

  • Pumps - Inspect inlets, drains and skimmers

  • Filters - Backwash, visual inspection of interior and exterior of the filter, multiport valves - inspect/repair/replace

  • Valves and pressure gauges - Inspect and replace if necessary

  • Chlorine dossers / Saltwater chlorine generators - as necessary inspect/repair/replace

  • Condition of tiles/ pond liners/ coatings - as necessary inspect/repair/replace

These days many economical choices are there to use instead of going for pool tile replacement. Alkorplan pool liners, a new method of finishing your swimming pool, which can save money and time in setting up your pool. You can use it for commercial pool renovations and can save a lot of downtimes.

There is a lot of pool resurfacing products which are available in the market. You may always go with the old classics, replastering or retiling method but the problem with the tiles is that the old pattern tiles may not be available after many years.

Considering a new look or upgrade? Need swimming pool remodelling ideas or to repair a leaking pool? Call the experts at swimming pool remodelling and restoration.

Swimming Pool Renovations

Following are the list of works we do during pool remodelling, restoration and renovations.

  • Pool resurfacing - Fibreglass, Alkorplan pool liners, epoxy, plaster, tiles replacements.

  • Upgrading or replacing pool equipment

  • Automating pool covers

  • Spa - pump and blowers

  • Spa colour lighting

  • Swimming Pool Lights

  • Installing energy-efficient solar showers

  • Swimming Pool Tiles

  • Repairing tile and Coping Stones

  • Replacing pool tile

  • Replacing damaged filters and pumps

  • Supplying and Installing a saltwater chlorination system

  • Decking Repairing

  • Overflow channel covers

  • Upgrading pool inlets sweeps

  • Plumbing, electric or gas repairs

  • Pool tune-up packages

  • Premium Spas and Sauna

The swimming pool equipment such as the pumps and filters are vital parts of your swimming pool. The pump maintains the water circulation and the filter clears your pool from all kinds of dirt and debris. Damages to the swimming pool and its equipment should be handled with absolute care to avoid downtimes.

We are the best swimming pool remodelling experts in Kerala. We can solve pool water leaks also. Which can occur due to many reasons and can lead to water loss.

Swimming pool refurbishment and remodelling can be streamlined by adding items such as custom LED lighting, cascades, whirlpools baths, custom rock features, etc. Giving your swimming pool a facelift can mean the difference between a pleasant outdoor happiness place and your private retreat.

We can add a beautiful water feature or even a new heated spa, add a counter-current thread mill, install colour lighting, upgrade your old equipment, add new decking, or install energy-saving solar showers contact us we are happy to hear from you.

We have a gifted team of swimming pool and garden designers with decades of experience in the business. Even if you come to us with literally no concepts – other than "you want to renovate your swimming pool" it is perfectly fine for us, we will help you with all the available choices, and you can choose what ideas evolve closest to what you had in mind.

To get an estimation for the swimming pool renovation costs, please give us a call so a representative can reach you and consider possible ideas and renovation cost with you.

We want you to be not just satisfied with your swimming pool. We want to gift you a stunning backyard centrepiece that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.


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