Cost Of Swimming Pool Equipments | Kerala | India

Cost Of Swimming Pool Equipments | Kerala | India

Wishing to build a swimming pool is an inspiring choice for any homeowner. A swimming pool is a water-retaining structure used for purposes such as leisure and exercise.

The swimming pools give everyone a fabulous way to spend time with family and friends. The cost of swimming pool equipment depends upon the type and quality of equipment chosen for filtration and sanitation of the swimming pool.

KJA&Son's is associated with Aquafine Pool solutions, Ernakulam who is a leading player in the category of pool equipment provider in and around Kerala.

We are competent to acts as a one-stop destination for swimming pool equipment and related MEP works which benefits customers both local and from other parts of India.

At our showroom, we have the best choice of swimming pool equipment and accessories which suits your pocket & needs. We have everything you need in terms of pool construction from bottom drains to side inlets and a range of pumps to suitable RTM filters to keep your pool clean, warm, and sparkling.

We also keep sufficient stock of quality swimming pool maintenance equipment and chemicals. Our motto is to become a reliable swimming pool supply store that offers quality products at great prices and excellent customer service.

Following are the critical swimming pool equipment which we supply, install and stock. The total cost of these critical products adds to the cost of swimming pool equipment.

Cost of Swimming Pool Pumps

It is the most important pieces of equipment in the swimming pool filtration system. We realise how critical the pump is to your entire filtration system, that is why we always keep enough stock of pool pump parts at all times.

For swimming pool applications it is urged to install a self-priming pump with prefilter. And a reliable pump is necessary to keep the water moving through the other parts of the system.

We can supply you with pumps from 4 M³/hr to more than 110 M3/hr for commercial applications. The cost of swimming pool pumps depends on the type of pump suitable for your swimming pool filtration needs.

Cost of Swimming Pool Filters

The second most critical part of swimming pool filtration system is the swimming pool filter. Depending upon the application there are three types of filters which are commonly used for swimming pools namely sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth (DE).

Without an efficient pool filter to remove dirt and harmful substances from your swimming pool, the pool would soon become murky and unhygienic. The cost of swimming pool filters varies from model to model selected for efficient filtration.

Cost of Saltwater Chlorine Generators & Chlorine Dosers.

It is important to monitor and dose the right amount of disinfectants or sanitizers to the swimming pool water. That is where chemical feeders or saltwater chlorine generators come in to play.

We have enough stock of swimming pool sanitation equipment including tablet chlorinators, chlorine dosing system, and saltwater generators. The cost of installing a saltwater chlorination system is higher than the traditional chlorine dosing system. But in the long run, it will save you the cost of swimming pool chemicals.

Cost of Swimming Pool Heatpumps.

Heat pumps are the most effective and efficient way to heat swimming pool water and to maintain the pool water temperature. The heat pumps consume very little electrical energy compared to their counterparts.  

Many pool owners prefer to add pool heat pumps when the pool is built, but a heat pump can be added at any time to an existing pool.

Many types of swimming pool heaters are available in market for you to choose from like a gas heater, electrical or solar heater. Out of the above heat pump has the highest COP which is about 4.0- 6.0. The latest type is known as the inverter type heat pump which consumes even less energy.

The cost of swimming pool heat pumps depends upon the total volume of pool water.

Cost of Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment

We have stocked our warehouse with essential swimming pool cleaning equipment. Cleaning of swimming pool and its pieces of equipment is a must and shall be done methodically at regular intervals. Or else, the pool water environment can become inhabitable for pool users due to the accumulation of dirt, leaves, bugs, bacteria and germs.

We have from leaves net, vacuum hoses, vacuum head, automatic pool robotic cleaner and many manual pool cleaning tools. The cost of the swimming pool cleaning equipment differs from type to type. We can also help you in maintaining your valuable equipment with our experts to improve your pool equipment performance and make it more efficient.

The prime thing to do is to purchase and install only the best pool equipment, this will, in turn, ensure your peace of mind, and rest assured with our equipment onboard your pool will run smoothly and will be in excellent condition for many many years to follow.

Following are some of the pool accessories and types of equipment available with us.

  • Pool lights for in-ground and above-ground pools.

  • Pool winter covers

  • Pool Heaters - Heatpumps.

  • Above Ground Filters & Pumps

  • Fencing for Above Grounds

  • Filter Hose

  • Swimming Pool Robotic Cleaners

  • Skimmers for Above Grounds & in Ground Swimming Pool

  • Solar Shower

  • Steps & Ladders SS 304 for Swimming Pools

  • Automatic and Manual Swimming Pool Cover

  • Bubble Covers

  • Leaflets & Manual Skimmers

  • Cleaning Equipment and Chemicals

  • Vac Heads & Vac Hoses

  • Pool Brushes

  • Swimming Inlets and Drain

  • Swimming Pool Sand Filters

Please feel free to contact us to know more about the cost of swimming pool equipment suitable for your pool. There are many types and varieties of high-quality swimming pool equipment available with us at the most competing costs.

If you have any questions about purchasing, renewing or installing any pool equipment or swimming pool products give us a call on +91-9400726668 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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