Cost of Building a Swimming Pool | Kerala | India

Cost of Building a Swimming Pool | Kerala | India

Stunning swimming pools don’t always have to come at designer prices, you can have a pool & spa you’ve forever desired with our inhouse design.

Built with excellent craftsmanship and money-saving technology, you will have your dream swimming pool to enjoy for years to come. Our creative team is trained in the newest style trends and can develop affordable pools tailored to fit your taste and budget.

While our professionals have built several rich, resort-worthy swimming pool masterpieces, these days most clients insist on affordable swimming pools which are also aesthetically elegant. We are the best swimming pool consultants in Kerala, India.

The swimming pool construction takes places following well-planned stages. And the cost of building a swimming pool greatly depends on each of these steps methods and the materials we choose.

Once our experts study the size of your pool site, the materials needed, your funds' limitations, and the required time frame to complete the project can all be calculated.

We will advise the perfect volume and characteristic of the pool to meet your needs and which will normally exceed customer expectations.

Stage 1: Layout, Excavation & Construction of the pool Structure

Once the drawings are approved, and our construction team will begin the excavation. So ideally the pool owners need to study the drawings before any work on your new pool can begin. Our construction team will use the right types of equipment and excavation tools to save valuable time to dig out the marked pool area.

The site is dug to eliminate all the unwanted rock and elements to ensure the surface is smooth enough to build the shell of the proposed swimming pool. Once the excavation is complete, the stages of casting the pool can begin.

The quality of the concrete casting contributes to the rigidity of your pool for many years to come. The MEP works team installs the necessary bottom drains, piping before the bottom slab is cast.

Stage: 2 Plumbing and Equipment Added

After the pool's shell is cast the necessary plumbing and electrical wiring for your pool can begin. The cost of the piping and the choice of the filters are based on the volume of the water your pool can hold.

Normally core cutting is done to the pool shell to provide the required side inlets and vacuum points. And after the pump room is ready equipment installation can begin.

All plumbing lines are pressure tested to make sure that there are no leaks. Once the pressure testing is completed backfilling can be done.

Stage: 3 Interior Finish, Landscaping & Hardscaping

There are many choices of finishes available for you to choose from some are inexpensive and others are reasonably priced design choices. It normally takes 2 to 4 month to build depending on the size of the swimming pool.

RCC swimming pool is easy to renovate, you can change the tiles, add new water features whenever you want. This is not feasible with fibreglass or vinyl inner made swimming pools.

Swimming Pool Construction

What are the available types of pool finishes?

Plaster Pool Finishes

It is a blend of sand, white cement and water since it is white, it can be dyed into any colour.

Epoxy Coatings and Finishes

Various brands are available for this cause and some can give you an impressive, long-lasting shine. Some specialized coatings are algae free and are anti-slip/anti-skid. These are easy to clean and each time you clean your pool, it will make your swimming pool as good as new again.

Alkorplan - Pool Liner | waterproofing membrane Finishes

It is a new method of finishing your which can save money and time in setting up your pool. These liners from 0.75 to 0.85mm thick are available in many patterns, colours and can last many many years without fail. Alkor membranes are also available in 1.5 mm thick, which is a 3 layer reinforced membrane. These pool liners once installed provide additional protection against leaks.

Tile Pool finishes 

Swimming pool tiles you choose can turn your swimming pool into a spectacular sight. As such it is acknowledged to be one of the best finishing methods available today.  There are many varieties of pool tiles which are available in the market. Porcelain, ceramic, glass mosaic, natural stone are some common types which help you to create many unique finishes.

Cost of Building a Swimming Pool.

The following are the main factors which contribute to the overall cost of building a swimming pool.

  • Type of Materials Used to Build the Swimming Pool - Concrete, fibreglass, Vinyl etc

  • Inground or Above ground Swimming Pool

  • Overflow or Skimmer Type

  • Location Of Pump Room

  • Choice of Filteration system & Turn Over rate (can vary for commercial and public pools)

  • Type of swimming pool finishes.

  • Type of water treatment systems (Example Salt Chlorination System Present or Not)

  • Accessories and Automations

As a prominent swimming pool builder and designers, we offer in-home estimates with pricing and custom swimming pool drawings for new construction and renovations.

In design and construct their dream swimming pool, we have built a reputation among customers. We always work very closely with each customer to determine the wants and needs of a swimming haven.

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