Benefits Of Salt Water Swimming Pool

Benefits Of Salt Water Swimming Pool

There are many benefits of swimming in saltwater chlorinated pools, the most important benefit is that saltwater is softer on your skin than traditional chlorine added pools. We are the one and only prominent swimming pool MEP consultants based out of Kerala specialized in saltwater pools and conversions of a chlorinated pool.

Knowing these benefits many home-owners in Kerala have converted there chlorine /chemical added swimming pools to salt-water swimming pools.

In addition to being a healthy alternative for your skin, Saltwater swimming pools have several commercial advantages over chlorine pools, which lowers the use in terms of quantity and number of chemicals, for the up keeping of swimming pool and lowered maintenance cost of the system.

Saltwater Chlorination System

How does Saltwater Chlorination system work?
In a Saltwater pool, a regenerative electrolysis process creates the chlorine. A chlorine generator system provides on-site production of the chlorine necessary to maintain water in a safe, healthy and algae-free condition.

The main difference is that in a standard chlorinated pool, chlorine is added manually on an ongoing basis to dissolve in the water.
Chlorine if not added in right quantities or if not mixed well has the tendency to cause red eyes, itchy skin, and discoloured hair.

Benefits of Saltwater Swimming Pools
A Saltwater swimming pool is a healthier alternative to the traditional chlorine-based pools. For one thing, is that it is one of a kind of natural swim pool with numerous health benefits. Saltwater pools have many advantages such as handling and storing of harmful and highly concentrated chemicals.

The high initial installation cost of these pools will be paid back to you by the low running costs in a couple of years. Also, routine maintenance is comparatively very low when compared to traditional chlorination pools.

The user experience and comfort level are very high compared to the traditional chlorinated pool. This is one of the positive advantages of saltwater swimming pools.

The regular utilization of saltwater swimming pool has proven health benefits and you won't have to suffer any symptoms of high chlorine pools as discussed earlier. Mainly you will not have to suffer the harsh chemical odour of chlorine any more.

Saltwater Chlorination System

What are the main chemicals used in Saltwater swimming pools?
The commercial advantage of Saltwater swimming pools is that it consumes only very little quantities of chemicals. The only chemical which is need on high quantity initially is non-other than common salt. Common salt is very cheap when compared to expensive chlorine.

The Owners of traditional chlorine water pools have to store and handle toxic chemicals regularly. This means that a saltwater swimming pool is more environmentally friendly, safe and pocket-friendly.

The smart sensors build in the chlorination unit keep and maintain the levels of chlorine in the pool water at ideal conditions at all times. This means that you will always have a skin tone, soft hairs, and peace of mind after every swim.

What is the maintenance for Saltwater chlorination systems?
One of the highlighted advantages of Saltwater swimming pools is their low maintenance and up keeping.

The required chlorine is generated by the chlorine generators using electricity which is very precisely generates only the required amount which keeps the pool clean and sanitized at all times.

Occasionally the chlorine generators need to be cleaned from deposits which are very easy to do. Many of the modern salt chlorination systems which are available in the market are capable of self-cleaning at regular intervals.

How does a typical salt chlorinator systems work?

  • Add the right amount of salt to your pool water and it is dissolved properly.

  • Saltwater from the pool after sand filter enters the Salt chlorine generator module.

  • A small current is applied to the chlorine generator to convert the dissolved salt into chlorine at right quantities.

  • Chlorine mixed with filtered pool water is returned to the pool for sanitization.

  • This process goes on and on.

Enjoy the benefits of salt water chlorination in your backyard pool. It is very easy to convert a pool with a traditional chlorine system, you can plug and play to salt chlorination systems.

Contact us to learn more about how you can create an optimal saltwater pool experience.


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