Swimming Pool Maintenance and Renovations Services

Swimming Pool Maintenance and Renovations Services

Even concrete pools which are cared for and maintained as per operational standards will need to undergo some renovation work done at some point or the other. Our trained professional pool renovation experts and technicians ensure that your repairs and renovations are done properly and economically. 

So that you can continue to enjoy your pool for many years in its original glory.

We specialize in concrete pool renovation no matter the size and shape of the pools, we can do the preplanned renovation done on time.

Our offered services are as follows

  • Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

  • Swimming Pool tile replacements and renovations.

  • Swimming Pool replastering

  • Swimming Pool Leak proofing

  • Swimming Pool waterproofing Coatings

  • Swimming Pool Cover installation

  • Swimming Pool Tile Epoxy Works

  • Swimming Pool And Spa Up gradation and Installation

  • Renovation of electromechanical systems in the pump room

When your in-ground concrete pool needs renovation, please contact us, one of our specialist experts will help and advice you with all the available options.

Our pool renovation and cleaning service will transform your swimming pool back to its original glory. The KJA&Sons team specializes in residential and commercial swimming pool renovation and restoration of reflecting pools.

All pools irrespective of the type of its use i.e, commercial pool, public pool or residential pool after it has endured 5-8 years it is ideal to empty the pool and do a thorough cleaning and inspection. The Materials used during the construction of the pool directly contributes to its maintenance schedules.

The inspection should be done from the tile surface to the plumbing, electromechanical and pump room to be covered in detail.

We can remove and reset your old tiles, repair or replace damaged overflow channel, replace or restore the coping stones, replace the lights, replace or clean and restore the drains and inlets, restore broken plumbing lines and inspect and replace the non-functioning valves with new ones.

Renovation and installation of WPC wooden decks for swimming pool are also undertaken by us. We have the tools, skill, and know how to completely transform the aesthetics of your swimming pool.

we do get service requests for a one-time pool service repair to weekly pool maintenance schedules for commercial pools. Mostly general maintenance visits are scheduled for twice a week or 8 visits a month.

We have many flexible maintenance plans and schedules to keep your swimming pool in top condition. We ensure the best water quality and quality pool maintenance, budgeted on your terms.

After the initial site visit or technicians can work out and develop a pool maintenance schedule as per your pools needs and which is also economical.

Our technicians are one of the best in Kerala in providing quality swimming pool maintenance and repairs.

Clients and customers who employ us regularly make substantial savings and also saves time. Following are the general area covered by our maintenance schedule.

  • Vacuuming of the pool as required.

  • Brushing off all surfaces as required.

  • Check and adjust the water parameters and maintaining at ideal levels.

  • Clearing debris from automatic cleaners, skimmer- Strainer basket and pumps pre-filter.

  • Cleaning of cartridge filters and screens in spa/jacuzzi.

  • Backwashing of sand filters.

  • Checking the function of Salt chlorination system and adding Salt if required.

We are your local reliable, reasonable and experienced pool service company connect with us for more info.

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