Bubble Cover | Thermal Covers For Swimming Pools

Bubble Cover | Thermal Covers For Swimming Pools On Sale

Bubble covers shelters your swimming pools water from leaves and other derbies from finding their way on to the waters, it also helps greatly in maintaining the temperature of heated pools. Since heating expenses are relatively high at places that are situated at a higher altitude.

Bubble covers acts as a thermal cover for your pools and protects them from cool breezes and cold nights. A lot of savings in terms of money can be made with the regular use of thermal cover for swimming pools.

The advantages of our Bubble covers are as follows.

  • Preserves and Increases the pool water temperature

  • Reduces the consumption of water treatment chemicals

  • Prevents evaporation of water.

  • Prevents the fall of debris and dust in pool

  • Reduces alga growth

Our bubble / thermal cover for the pool is manufactured by Procopi in France. Use the latest technologies and state of the art of machinery to ensure the highest quality and durability.

The bubble covers are generally made of anti-UV treated polyethene and which comes in 300 and 400 microns thick. The bubble cover will convert the sunlight into thermal energy which will help in heating up and retaining the heat of the swimming pool.

The bubble cover also helps in controlling evaporation and thereby reducing the water loss and loss of water conditioning chemicals. Also reduces the chances of alga growth considerably in pools which regularly uses pool covers or bubble cover.

We are dealers and authorised sellers for Procopi brand classic 300/ 400 Bubble covers. The most widely sold classic 300 /400 has two version of translucent blue and Silver for you to choose from.

1, Translucent Blue

Translucent blue bubble cover will allow the sun's rays to pass through the cover and heat the pool's water. The heat energy accumulates in the air pockets and is then gradually released to the swimming pools water.

2, Silver Blue

The silver-blue is for a pronounced isothermal effect this type of cover inhibits photosynthesis and thus the more effective in the proliferation of algae. These type of pool bubble covers are ideal for outdoor applications. The silver type of the bubble / thermal cover does not have a dark appearance that would lessen its aesthetics.

Both these models are very robust and hard wearing and for additional protection selvedge along each length of the cover protects the bubble cover against friction where it is in contact with the pool walls.

The bubble cover can be delivered tailor-made according to your design or can be ordered as standard. It is available for sale to fit any size and shape of the pool.

For orders and more info regarding the prices and please contact us with the size of your swimming pool and we will revert back to you with an appropriate quotation for your requirement.

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