Heat Pumps for Swimming Pools

Heat Pumps for Swimming Pools

Heat pumps are one of the most useful accessories for a swimming pool for those who are passionate about water. We have a range of heat pumps for swimming pools featuring the best performance to be found on the market which is made by Procopi, France.

The heat pump doesn't generate heat on its own, it is an electrical device that captures the heat from the atmosphere and efficiently transmits to your pool water. Most of our heat pump ranges from procopi comes with power inverter range of features for a variety of power outputs needs to suit any type and size of the pool.

If compared to generic fixed speed compressors installed in common heat pumps, the inverter compressors can automatically control speed and adapt to the required heating load demand and vice versa.

These pool heat pumps are relatively silent. We have many models which are capable to run on heat or cool modes depending on the requirements or as per customer preferences.

Heat pumps are very efficient when compared to traditional heating systems like gas or electric which consumes a lot of electricity. Pool Heat pumps can maintain the pool water at 29 °C and a very low operational cost.

It is very important that you select the right heat pump for your swimming pool. Since Heat pump pool heaters cost more than gas or Electric pool heaters, but they typically have much lower annual operating costs because of their higher efficiencies, therefore selecting the right model is crucial.

The following are some of the factors considered while selecting the pool heat pump.

  • Determine your desired swimming pool temperature. (As per international Standards it is 29 °C)

  • Pool surface area

  • Pool Water Volume

  • Humidity

  • Ambient Air temperature

  • Wind exposure

  • Day and Night Temperature differences

  • Operating cost

We recommend that you should always consult a trained pool professional like us to perform a proper sizing analysis for your swimming pool to determine the correct pool heat pump size/capacity.

The proper installation and maintenance of the heat pump can optimize its efficiency and will give a long trouble free operation. We strongly suggest in using at least a bubble cover for your heated pools which will help in reducing the heat loss by up to 20 - 30% which will be a huge saving in terms of operating cost.

Following are some features and high lights of the Procopi heat pump for swimming pool heating.

  • New and improved Heat pump with a better COP ( Coefficient of performance)

  • Reversible machine- can be used to heat or chill the pool.

  • Pool water temperature a, set points Modes of operation are all displayed on the remote control.

  • Automatic defrosting - the heat pump runs at temperature down to -15°C

  • Silent Operation

  • Titanium heat exchangers

  • Compatible with salt water chlorination systems

  • Anti- Uv treated Abs Casing, deck box, heat exchangers, flow controllers etc for long service duty.

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