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Koi Fish Pond | Koi Pond Set Up @ Kottakal

Koi Fish Pond | Koi Pond Set Up @ Kottakal

This home is near Kottakal, Kerala, and contains a pond filled with stunning Koi fish. consuming the excess nutrients generated by the Koi Fishes.

Koi fish ponds provide a beautiful and clean location for the beautiful Koi fishes. This Koi fish pond not only keeps an elegant and functional environment for the fish, but it also delivers a calm and relaxing area for our clients.

This fish pond was designed and built to hold 35 koi fish, each measuring 80 centimeters. The pond holds a total water volume of 45 cubic meters. The construction lasted about 9 months.

The pond is constructed using RCC with 8 mm re-enforcements, and the inside surface of the pond is finished with high-quality imported handmade tiles. High-grade algae-resistant epoxy is used to affix the tile to the plastered RCC shell.

The inner top of the pond is finished with high-quality imported handmade tiles. High-quality tile adhesive is used to affix the tiles to the formed RCC shell, which is made up of reinforced cement.

  • Hydro Cyclone system with Auto backwash

  • High Surface Area Biological filter and media

  • Air Diffusers

  • Bottom drain with backwash

  • Uv water clarifier / 380 watts

With our filtration system running all the water parameters are normal range and pH is maintained between 7.5 to 8.5. The Biofiltration pump connected to the UV water clarifier system runs 15 hours daily.

The mechanical systems need to run only 5-7 hours a day to remove all the deposited dirt and fish debris.

A high-pressure air compressor is used to produce sufficient aeration for the pond using an output of 260 litres per minute to ensure the oxygen content is regularly maintained at optimum levels.

Uv water clarifier is added for removing harmful bacteria and virus therefrom. It greatly improves the water's clarity and helps to effectively control algae growth.

The current consumption is reduced to minimal. Other than weekly scrubbing of the pond the backwashing and cleaning of the ponds filter system will not take more than 15 minutes.

Koi fish can flourish only in an environment that's rich in water quality. The routine cleaning process and the mandatory water tests are done frequently to detect any abnormalities in the water at an earlier phase.

The pond mechanical filtration system features a high capacity Hydro-cyclone system with a quick drain valve which only needs 2 to 10 -litres of water to backwash and removes the suspended waste particles the same.

The temperature readings are closely monitored using floating thermometers. The readings are satisfactory and are between 22.5 to 24 deg C range day and night.

Koi Fish Pond

Koi Fish Pond

Koi Fish Pond

Koi Fish Pond

Koi Fish Pond

A well build Koi fish ponds are very different from water gardens since they require only minimal care and maintenance, such as the testing of water and backwashing of filters.

A proper maintenance schedule, detailing all the tests and water level changes is given in a written format for the customer to follow.

45000 litres of potable water was added to the Koi pond along with adequate quantities of pond water conditioner and de-chlorinator. Once the pond water was free from chlorine the biofilter was stocked with a predetermined quantity of filter media and API's quick pond start was added to start up the ponds biofilter.

Microblift phosphate controller | clean and care are added to ensure proper cycling.

After two weeks of top quality, Imported Koi fishes were added to the pond four nos at a time. Now it has about 30 nos of Imported Koi fishes which is more than 45 cms in length.

We recommend quarantining all new fish in a spare or temporary tank for at least one week. And before introducing the same to the main Koi fish pond, a proper PP Bath or Salt bath with the right concentration of chemicals shall be given to the fish.

By using the appropriate quarantine techniques, the risks of infection can be successfully minimized so that mortal illness cannot emerge.

To set up your very own Koi fish pond and to otherwise design and build the exact same, write to us!You can find useful videos on our Facebook and YouTube pages.





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