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Bakki Shower Filters for Koi Fish Ponds

Bakki Shower Filters for Koi Fish Ponds | India

Bakki shower filters are also commonly known as Trickle Filter. It is a modular trickle filter that is easy to install and can also be fitted in as an additional biological filter.

The trickle filter mimics nature's method of filtering water. Like that of a mountain stream with water cascading over rocks. Biofilms and algae grow on the rocks and consume the nutrients in the stream, effectively filtering the water.

In the case of the Bakki shower, porous media is placed in trays, and water is pumped to the top of the filter, where it trickles through the media before returning to the pond.

Bakki shower filters are often used in koi fish ponds and aquaculture ponds due to their high biological capability, quick set-up start-up. The most important property is its extensive capability for increasing dissolved oxygen levels in the pond water.

Bakki Shower Filter operating principle:

A shower filter is a modular system with simple operating principles. Each module is arranged on top of one another. In the topmost chamber, the water is sprayed down and then is distributed across a perforated medium. This produces a shower effect as the water splashes down through the high porous media.

This process causes the water to split up and absorb a huge amount of oxygen. Also, the nutrients are absorbed by the media. The water then moves through the perforated floor of the filter into the next chamber below.

Since these chambers are not filled with media, there is always adequate drop height for the water to redistribute itself and to split up after each compartment. Clean oxygen saturated water creates an ideal breeding ground for beneficial bacteria which grow in the media.

This is why a bakki shower filter system can start up faster than other types of biological filters such as bio chamber or Oc 1 filters. These highlights make bakki showers a favourite choice among koi pond owners and aquaculturists.

Bakki Shower Filter

Qualities Of Bakki Shower Filter:

  • Easy to introduce and integrate into existing systems.

  • Zero moving parts.

  • Degases and Oxygenates the koi pond water.

  • Capable of handling high flow rates of 50-100 m3/hr.

  • Only a small area needed to be set up and run.

  • Modular construction is therefore easy to expand.

  • Installation and upkeep are simple.

  • Pump variant.

  • Stainless steel of superior quality.

  • It is possible to use a combination of efficient filter media.

It can be converted easily to a stand-alone filter for small ponds by adding bio sponges or jap mats to the top chamber. Being a modular system, it can be added or modified quickly so that it can meet the ever-increasing pond demands.

As you know, the end product of a biofiltration process is nitrate. And the outcome of balancing the pH of the pond water is carbon dioxide! If these toxic gases accumulate in pond water, they can adversely affect the habitat of your pond. In short, you can get rid of the toxin by eliminating the gases.

Inside the showers, trickle filters produce multiple water clusters that deodorize the water while allowing toxic gases to escape.

This reduces the load on the biomass and makes the systems significantly less KH consuming than conventional filtration systems. The media's high porosity also aids in the rapid colonization of beneficial bacteria.

Its properties include resistance to damage from pump failures or chemicals and is remarkably quick at 'bouncing' back after pond treatment. The water produced by the above method is such that the Koi strongly favour swimming in the areas where the filtered water enters the pond.

Because of the high cost of filter media, our trickle prices are kept to a bare minimum, resulting in an excellent overall value for money. The names of some recommended media for using with Bakki shower or Trickkel filters are listed below.

Crystal Bio, white pumice stone or Volcanic rock, bio home maxi ultimate, bacteria house, ceramic media, oyster shells, ceramic media, lava rocks, bio-balls, ceramic rings can all be used as media.

Bakki Showers are normally made of 316 food-grade stainless steel. But upon customer request, we can also build the same with SS 304 or powder-coated GI Sheets to reduce the production cost.

But the best system suitable for our geographic location is using stainless steel models. Which will last for decades considering our climatic conditions. The pond filter design is never done. There's always something that you could do to make things PERFECT!

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