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Koi Fish Pond at Calicut | Kerala

Koi Fish Pond at Calicut | Kerala

This beautiful Koi fish pond is constructed at a residence at Mavoor Road - Calicut, Kerala. Koi fish pond features advanced filtration system with auto back wash capabiities which keeps the water in pristine conditions at all times. It also has a bio reactor chamber which helps in consuming the excess nutrients generated by the Koi Fishes.

This Koi fish pond is designed and constructed to keep 30 nos of beautiful Japanese Koi fish of size 60 cms or more. The pond has a total water volume of 37 M3 including the volume of water present in the bioreactor chamber. The pond was designed inhouse by our architect. The Filtration system feature highlights are a bio mechanical filter along with the Uv and hydrocyclone pre filter and a capable bio reactor.

The pond is constructed using RCC with 8 mm re-enforcements, the inner side of the pond is completed with bostik epoxy coating over fine cement plastering to reduce growth of surface algae.

This Koi pond filters was designed with the concept of minimal water loss while backwashing of the filters and at the same time which can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

The designed filtration system consisted of the following important components.

Multi Cyclone system with an easy drain system, Three stage Biological reactor, 240 LPM aerator and diffusers, And a Uv water clarifier of 300 watts to control the growth of water bone algae and to sterilise the water.

Koi Fish Pond

Our main filter pump is a variable speed pump which can give different flow rates from the same pump as per filtering requirements. The filtration system can also be connected to the home automation system by the help of which it can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

The bio mechanical systems with prefilter assits in remove all the deposited dirt and Fish debris, this clean water is circulated back to the pond through directional inlets. Pond water is further naturally treated in the three stage biofilter chamber with the help of different beneficial bacterias.

The total current consumption is 200 watts which include the motor and the Uv. The cleaning of the pond will take not more than 10 minutes.

The ponds mechanical filtration system features a multi-cyclone system which has a variable flow rate from 2.5 M3/Hr to 18 M3 / Hr. It consists of a quick drain valve which requires only 2 to 5-litre water to clean the same.

This koi fish pond is a part of the landscape alongside the long driveway. It is an ideal location where our client, as well as his guests, can enjoy the pet Koi fishes kept in pristine water quality.

Koi Fish Pond

This Koi fish ponds not only provides a neat and clean environment for the fish but it also provides a pretty and relaxing spot for our clients.

Koi fish Ponds Are very different from water gardens since they require regular care and maintenance. Such as testing of water and regular backwashing of filters.

The biological filtration was started using pond starter kit of API and test fishes were added. The water quality was checked regularly and was found satisfactory, all the water parameters of the water are in a normal range.

The fishes were added in some days after proper quarantining the Koi fishes. We strictly recommend quarantining all new fish in a spare or temporary tank for a period of 1 to 2 weeks before introducing the same to the main Koi fish pond.

Adequate aeration is supplied to the pond using a high-pressure air compressor with an output of 240 LPH to ensure the oxygen content is always maintained at prime levels.

Uv water clarifier is added for removing harmful bacteria and virus thereby protecting the fishes from infections. It also helps greatly in controlling the alga growth thereby giving water clarity.

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