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Koi Fish Growth Facts

Koi Fish Growth Facts

A Koi will keep growing until it has reached its genetically predetermined size but, its rate of growth determined by factors such as the size of the pond, health, quality of feed, water temperature and water quality.

There are many varieties of Koi fishes which are available with the breeders, we can classify them into three types, domestic Koi, Imported koi and Japanese Koi fishes.

  • Domestic Koi

    Domestic Koi are any Koi fish that are bred in India.

  • Imported Koi

    Imported Koi is the term referred to the Koi Fishes brought into India from another country that produces Koi.

  • Japanese Koi

    Japanese Koi fish come from Japan and only Japan.

    Many shady dealers will call domestic Koi "Japanese" if they came from imported Japanese broodstock but bred in India.

Some will also attempt to pass off "imported" Koi as being superior to domestic, although they can come from any breeder from any third world country with no certification and quality control.

Why Koi fishes in your pond don't grow as expected? Factors which effects the speed of Koi Fish growth are as follows.

1,      DNA - Genetics/ Genes

People who breed Koi fishes know to choose the parent fishes carefully so that they know how their offsprings will look like. The rate of growth depends on other factors discussed below.

2,     Space - Minimum water volume per fish is 1000 litre/fish

         Everyone needs space to grow so, does our Koi fishes. According to some great farms in Japans, the ideal water volume per fish is 3 M³.  A minimum water depth of 1 meter should be                   maintained while designing a pond.

  •         Small Koi (5 - 20Cms): 454 - 681 Litres

  •         Medium Koi(20 - 36Cms): 681 - 1364 Litres

  •         Large Koi(36 - 62 Cms): 1818 - 2273 Litres

  •         Jumbo Koi(62- 92 Cms): 3409 - 4091 Litres

3,    Nutrients - Quality Food

One of the important factor which determines the Koi fish growth rate is a nutrient-rich food and supplements. There are many brands which sell Koi fish food. Koi can absorb only up to 38% protein anything in excess will accumulate in the water. This excess protein can degrade pond water quality with froth formation.

4,   Water Parameters

Clearwater doesn't always mean its parameters are normal and good for your Koi's healthy life. Check the water parameters at least every week.
The main parameters to check are pH, ammonia, nitrite, GH, KH.

5,   Dissolved Oxygen Content

One other factor to monitor is the dissolved oxygen content. Always make sure that there are sufficient levels of dissolved oxygen present in the pond water. It is a good practice to change 10 to 15 % of pond water every week. This process will improve the water quality and for the growth of beneficial bacterias in the biofilter.

6,   Temperature
The temperature of the pond water is another main factor for the growth of the Koi. 18- 24 ° C is good for the growth of Koi fishes.  The growth rate of koi fishes slows down a bit once it reached the age of five.

The average life span of Koi fishes is in between 18 to 30 years. Koi can live in water that ranges in temperature from 1.11 °C to 32 °C. They will not thrive at high temperatures.

7,   Flow / Circulation
A pond with good water circulation avoids stagnation of water. Koi fishes are more active in a pond with a good flow of water. Koi fishes tend to swim against the current. This activity helps them to grow faster and stronger.  Good circulation is an indication of good filtration.

8,   Gender - Male / Female
The Female grows into a much larger size than a male Koi. But the colour and skin texture of a male koi is better than female Koi.

A bit more on the Koi Food :- 
Koi fish love to eat watermelons, boiled shrimps with or without its shell. Fish meat, dried freshwater shrimps, broccoli, cabbages, frozen green peas, clamps, earthworms etc.

With varieties of natural food, Koi fishes will grow faster and healthier. The quality of water also will improve once you give them food from natural resources.

We offer a variety of services related to Koi Pond.

  • Koi pond design and construction

  • Koi pond repair

  • Filter system upgrades

  • Filter system maintenance

  • Pond Consultation Services

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  • Pond water clarity

  • Advice for Keeping Koi healthy and happy

For more info on building your Koi fish pond, to design or to upgrade the filter systems kindly get in touch with us.


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