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Koi Fish Feeding And Temperature

Koi Fish Feeding And Temperature

Water temperature is one of the most important water parameters in Koi fish keeping. Therefore a correct feeding method should be followed giving utmost importance for the quality and the type of koi food.

Always according to the current water temperature only, the right amount and type of food shall be fed to the koi fishes. The koi fishes diet is always directly related to the ponds water temperature in which it lives.

India's climate is considered as a hot tropical climate except for the northern parts of India. It is easy to maintain the ideal water temperatures in Kerala, India. Kerala lies in the tropical region with mostly a wet humid tropical climate.

Following is a general temperature food note which is explained in detail below.

  • Below 9 ° C - Do not feed the fish.

  • Between 9° to 17° C - Feed a highly digestible food 1 - 2 times a day, like "wheat germ spring and fall "

  • Between 18° To 31° C - Feed any good quality summer food 2 to 4 times a day. Or feed your fishes according to demand.

  • Above 31° C - Reduce the fish feeding and always observe the fish closely.

The most important thing is finding the correct feeding demand of the koi fishes it requires a lot of patience and you need to spend time with them. Once you become close to your pet koi fishes you can easily calculate the food demand and pattern as well.

Feeding your fish is a great experience as much as it is a science. Here are some tips for healthy koi keeping in Kerala.

Feeding koi is a pretty exciting activity, but incorrect feeding practices can lead to severe unhygienic conditions in your pond. It will greatly affect the quality of water and cause Ammonia levels to spike which will stress the Koi fishes.

Bacterial growth and algae bloom in some ponds are some of the consequences which correlate directly to incorrect feeding methods.

Koi are cold-blooded creatures, and their metabolic rate is very much related to the temperature of ponds water in which they live. It signifies that the koi fishes feeding habits vary according to the seasonal water temperature changes.

When the water temperature is below 9°C, koi fishes seldom eat food. Feeding them at these conditions will not help in any way. The food will eventually decay either inside their intestine or add to the bacterial growth inside the pond. Both cases can be very fatal to the pet koi fishes.

When temperatures are between 9°C to 18°C it’s more desirable to feed Kois with less protein-rich food or easily absorbable food like Hikari wheat germs. High proteins food are very heavy and would be difficult for the fishes to digest at this temperature. As the temperature rises you may feed them up to twice a day.

When the water temperature is between18°C to 31°C you can start to feed the koi fishes with protein-rich food. Since it is the ideal water temperature range, the fish's metabolism is also at the optimal rate.

Taking into account the temperature and food demand of your koi, it can be fed two to four times a day. Koi can also eat raw vegetables and fruits. An ideal diet can be formulated by mixing and matching different types of foods.

Some the food treats which you can give large koi fishes are Black Soldier Fly Pupae (Hermetia illucens), dried freshwater Shrimps, Mealworms, Mussels (Boil it), Silkworm Pellets, Pearl Barley (Soak it in Boiling water), etc.

Koi fishes love fruit treats like sliced oranges, grapes, cabbages, and watermelon is one of their favourites. Do remember that treats are not a substitute for formulated food pellets and do not rely completely on them.

Be cautious if the temperature sores above 31° c feedings should be cut in half to reduce stress levels. As the water temperature rises the dissolved oxygen content decreases thereby increasing the stress levels of the fishes.

Note: It is always a good practice to add additional aerators and diffusers to increase the dissolved oxygen content in water during very hot summers.

Koi Fish Feeding Time?
The koi fishes should be able to finish the given food in about 5 to 10 minutes. Always give your koi just enough food so that they can consume the same in under 10 minutes.

Any leftover food should be immediately scooped up after that, this to prevent water contamination. It’s wise to underfeed your koi fishes rather than to overfeed them. Underfeeding will only reduce its growth rate but later will may some time lead to fatalities.

What is the growth rate of Koi fishes?
The average growth rate of koi fishes is about ½” to 1″ a month if it is a good breed of koi.

Proper feeding of koi fish keeps them healthy and as they can grow large enough they become more beautiful. It is always better to feed them during the day time and preferably not after sunset.

It is smart to avoid any food which is very high in carbohydrates as they are hard for your pet koi to digest. Food items like peas, corn, and white bread are some examples which shall be avoided.

koi fish feeding

Koi Fish Feeding Tips

  • Warmer the water, the fish becomes more active and vice versa.

  • The ideal temperature for rearing koi fishes is 18 - 31 degrees.

  • Regularly monitor your water temperature then accordingly adjust the amount and frequency of your feedings.

  • Always check the water parameters, no: & size of fish and their activity level.

  • Avoid over-feeding and always remove any uneaten food remaining after the feeding period.

These tips and guidelines will help to make your feeding times more enjoyable. Kindly contact us for more information on Koi fish ponds designs and biofilter designs.


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