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How to Clean Koi Pond Bio Filters

How to Clean Koi Pond Bio Filters| Kerala

Our motto is to Educate, Inspire, and showcase the beauty of Japanese koi. It is very vital for the health of the Koi fishes that we maintain a clean and tidy filtration system.

The pond water filtration system and the quality of water should also be monitored to ensure that all water parameters are within a nominal range.

We can provide you with detailed drawings on the most efficient way to set up a Koi Pond Filtration System for a crystal clear pond water. Our filter systems can be cleaned in a matter of 10 to 30 minutes.

Our filtration system combines a multi-cyclone system with biofilters which simplifies the cleaning process thereby saving many many litres per year. Want to know more get in touch with us.

The first step of cleaning any ponds filtration system is to ensure that the stand by aerators are running and the aquatic life is happy. The servicing of the filtration system should be ideally done during the early morning or by the evening before it is too dark.

The cleaning of the biofilter units is generally done as per the predetermined service intervals. During the scheduled service the filter media is taken out from all the filtration chambers, a wash down can be done with a garden hose.

Clean the filter chambers of pond water filtration system using a suitable vacuum system or by opening the appropriate drain valves. If necessary a high-pressure gun cleaning shall be done. Allow the filter chamber to dry before replacing the media back to the chambers.

After the media is installed back top up with a beneficial bacteria supplement which will help kick-start your biofilters back to life. Supplementing with beneficial bacteria help the new media to mature at a faster rate and will boost filtration capacity.

Clean Out all leaves, dead plants and other debris from the settling tank and from the bottom of the pond using suitable means. The Debris which settles to the bottom of ponds is the favourite breeding grounds for harmful pathogens.

Check the running hours of the UV water clarifier, if necessary replace your UV bulb. If UV lamp is not due for replacement, remove and inspect the quartz tube clean using a soft microfibre cloth dipped in vinegar or some other mild acid.

This should be done every 12 months so that your UV light reached the water with maximum intensity so that gives the designed output. You will have a healthy pond environment, will no longer need to do water changes and it is safe for your fishes.

A partial water change of 20- 25% is advised during this time. A small water change of 5 to 10% weekly is also a great way to reduce or to remove dissolved nutrients from your pond.

As you all know that aerobic beneficial bacteria require oxygen to clear the water from the sludge and other wastes from fishes and fish food it is very critical to check the Aerators.

Since there are many many models available in the market refer to the owners manual and do the routine maintenance. Air intake pre-filter is one of the areas where we should concentrate on. Since it can clog up very fast in an area with high pollutants in the atmosphere.

We can design and create beautiful artistically constructed Koi fish ponds, waterfalls, and Swimming pools which brings you relaxation and provide an area for entertaining family and friends.

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