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Koi Fish Pond | Koi Pond Set Up

Koi Fish Pond | Koi Pond Set Up @ Tamilnadu

This elegant Koi fish pond along with the landscaping is done in Tamilnadu, south India. This Koi fish pond has many prominent features including five cascade waterfalls which operates continuously which increases the water circulation as well as the oxygen content. 

Most importantly this pond has brought life, sound, and beauty into this private garden.

As with any koi fish pond, this pond is designed and constructed to keep 120 nos of beautiful Japanese Koi fish of size 24 " or more. Right now the pond has about 70 nos of imported as well as the high-quality bloodline of Japanese Koi fishes.

The pond construction along with the landscaping project including the swimming pools took about 12 months to take shape.

The pond can hold around 120M3 of water which can easily hold more than 120 nos of koi fishes. The whole pond is constructed using RCC with 12 mm re-enforcements, inside surface of the pond is finished with cement plastering using Geotextile of 60 GSM.

The pond is finished off with highly durable pond epoxy liner of 160 microns thickness. Which will restrict the alga growth on the pond side walls.

The following are the highlights of this pond which will give trouble-free operation and clean water:

  • - 2 nos 960mm Coarse sand filter

  • - bed filter

  • - Skimmer

  • - Air Diffusers

  • - Bottom drain with backwash

  • - Uv water clarifier / 1400 watts

  • - Underwater lights

To ensure the quality of water and to control algae, the pumps biofiltration runs 24 hours 7 days a week, and the main filter with coarse sand will run 8-12 hours a day. With our filtration system running as per the schedule the water parameters are maintained in normal range and pH at ideal 7.5 to 8.0.

The Biofiltration also features a powerful UV generator which sterilizes the water. UV runs 24 hours daily which will control and restrict algae growth.

Uv water clarifier is added for removing harmful bacteria and virus thereby protecting the fishes from infections. it also helps greatly in controlling the alga growth thereby giving water clarity.

Adequate aeration is supplied to the pond using a high-pressure air compressor with an output of 220 LPH to ensure the oxygen content is always maintained at prime levels.

10 High output micro diffusers are installed to evenly diffuse the air into the water body. The water quality is regularly checked to enable early detection of problems.

A critical objective of this project is that the pond should have clean water and clear water. The cleaning of the pond will take not more than a couple of hours in a month which includes the thorough cleaning of the filter system and brushing or vacuum of the Pond.

The pond mechanical filtration system features a high capacity coarse sand filter with backwash which will send all the dirt and sludge to the drain.

Our Pond Maintenance service team visits all our completed projects at regular intervals to evaluate the performance of the system and to do the AMC.

The water plants at the edge of the pond are planted inside a pond liner that allows only slight drainage so the soil stays permanently damp and it has very efficient drip irrigation and sprinkler system in place.

As you all know Koi fish keeping in Koi fish ponds a great way to enjoy your most loved pet Koi fishes.

Our philosophy, experience and methods in making excellent water features and koi fish ponds which fulfils the requirements of our clients have helped us create a name for ourselves. This Passion is our most important motto which helps us in getting new and challenging projects.

This Koi fish pond provides a neat and clean environment for the koi fish and the gazebo build inside the pond provides a pretty cool relaxing spot for our clients family.

Revisiting a project and seeing how it has transformed and blended into its surroundings, and hearing stories from the clients on how it has helped them in relaxing and improved their lives are very satisfying.

For building your own Koi fish pond, to maintain your koi fish ponds or to Buy Koi Fishes kindly get in touch with us. We are ready to provided help and advice for pond creation.

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