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Multi Cyclone Filters For KOi Fish Ponds

Multi Cyclone Filters For Koi Fish Ponds

Multi-cyclone filters are in general used to separate the mixed heavy substances from a liquid mixture. And Multi-cyclone filters can be used very efficiently in Koi fish ponds to separate the solid wastes from the water. 

The Multi cyclone works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration and is capable of saving water and reducing filter maintenance. There are no moving parts to wear and tear, and no filter media to clean or replace.

The benefits of using multi-cyclone filters in a Koi pond are many but most important feature is that it doesn't have any moving parts and it is virtually very easy to clean.

The working principle of the multi-cyclone filter is very simple the incoming water is guided by a divider plate so that it enters multiple hydro cyclones which, generates a strong centrifugal effect.

These powerful centrifugal forces help in spinning out the debris and other solid waste materials out to the hydro cyclone’s wall. These sediments will spiral down to the bottom collection chamber. The clean water without the derbies moves upwards and back into the pond.

The cleaning of a multi-cyclone filter will not take more than 1 minute and with minimum wastage of water. The most important part is that it can be added to any existing system without much alteration to pipelines.

Multicyclone filter

Some of the uses of the multi-cyclone filter are discussed below.

1, Multi cyclone filter connected as a pre-filter to mechanical filter.

The multi-cyclone filter can be connected as a pre-filter to any mechanical filtration system like sand, Cartridge or D.E filter for swimming pools. This water-saving pre-filtration device has won many sustainability awards.

Its unique multi-cyclone filtration system saves water and reduces the need for frequent backwashing of the sand filters and is ideal as a pre-filter to extend the life and improve the performance of existing filtration.

2, Multi-Cyclone filter as a pre Filter for Biofilter

The Multi-Cyclone is an ingenious solid separating filter that can be used in koi fish ponds it works wonders. It can literally spin particles (removes particles between 20-100 microns) out of pond water, removing up to 80% of the incoming solids.

Sludge and Muck from the Koi pond water will remain trapped inside the filters sediment collection bowl until they are drained. Cleaning requires only 2.5 - 5 litres of water and with a turn of a valve all the debris along with the water flows out. This will take less than a minute of your valuable time.

Removing dirt, dust, debris and other solids before entering the main filter system has many advantages.

The main advantage is it will decrease your filter cleaning and backwashing routine considerably, you will save thousands of litres of water wasted per year for back wasting and cleaning your filter system.

It will reduce the Biofiltration load considerable compared to operating without a pre-filter system. It also extends the life of your filtration media and the essential bacteria's grows and flourishes rapidly.

The organic wastes are removed much faster in this manner which reduces the chances of alga blooms and in swimming pools, it reduces the use of chemicals like chlorine.

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