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Koi Fish Pond Renovation Service in Ernakulam

Koi Fish Pond Renovation Service in Ernakulam

Koi Fish Pond is very different from other water features or Swimming Pool since it accommodates live Koi fishes. The most important thing before starting any pond renovation work is planning.

Detailed planning is vital to finish the project with minimum hiccups. Planning and execution will save a lot of money and time.

If your pond was designed and built by a qualified Pond builder, you would not be needing to do renovation for your pond unless you wish to add a piece of new equipment or devices.

Ponds can be built by any person or can be done by your self, but without the proper know how it will be a disaster. The pond filters will not perform as it should normally otherwise.

We offer professional services to correct pond filtrations as described. We can help to renovate your Koi ponds and to make good biofilters which function as per your pond's needs.

​Our technicians have many years of experience in troubleshooting and repairing all kinds of Koi fish pond and water features. If you have a Koi pond or a water body which needs attention and troubleshooting we may be able to assist you in solving the problems.

Most of the calls we receive after inspection of the site turn out to be an opportunity for us to help. Some of the problems which we encountered was lack of water circulation, Aeration, Absence of UV Filter, no bottom and side drains.

We always make sure to include additional aeration and to check whether the water circulation is correct or not. This helps greatly in enhancing the quality of pond water.

Aeration is one of the best and natural filtration method. Aeration also helps in the growth of beneficial bacteria present in the Biofilters to efficiently neutralize the Ammonia.

The following are some additional information on the benefits of using aeration in Koi fish ponds.

Aeration creates water circulation which enhances the natural bacterial growth in the pond which helps in clearing the sludge forming at the bottom of any pond. It also helps in increasing the oxygen content in the water.

  • Nutrients build up in the pond is considerably reduced.

  • Algae growth reduces

  • pH become stable and benefits fish growth

  • Reduces fish mortality rate.

Aeration can also reduce sludge or muck by oxidation of organic wastes and odour reduction is another benefit of aeration.

Whether it is just regular maintenance, or renovation something tailored more to a one-time event, we have the professionals and the environmentally-friendly supplies to get the job done correctly, efficiently, and affordable.

If you are interested in getting a quote from KJA&Sons pond services for your home, kindly reach out so that we can help you determine which of our services are required by you and is right for your pond.

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