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Koi Fish Pond | Pond Maintenance Service in Kerala

Koi Fish Pond | Pond Maintenance Service in Kerala 

Koi fish ponds are very different from the swimming pool and water bodies with or without fishes. They often require a design complete with skimmers, bottom and side drains. Mostly Koi ponds are constructed using a re-enforced concrete shell. 

In the past six years, team KJA& Sons have built many Koi fish ponds, water features and water bodies. With this vast experience in the field of pond water filtration, our team of expert technicians can clean and maintain any kind of fish pond or water features and restore it to its original glory.

Our maintenance and cleaning services are the most requested services from clients, the following are our offered services. Each year plenty of our clients have us come back out to their home and commercial spaces to have us clean their pond or water features.

  • Pond / Water bodies/ Inside cleaning

  • Water filter inspection and cleaning

  • Plumbing and Pump Room
  • Uv Water filter inspection and cleaning

  • Biofilter cleaning and new media addition

  • Emergency Touch Up Maintenance Service

It is always wise to have your Koi pond or water features cleaned at least on an annual basis to ensure both its function and aesthetics are kept and maintained in top condition.

In the case of Koi fish ponds, the biofilters are to be cleaned every six months. the water in the pond should be tested at least once a month. Also, the drain and plumbing system is also to be inspected, cleaned and repaired if necessary.

Our technical team comes with all the necessary equipment and test kits to ensure your pond or water feature is in optimum condition. Ponds and water bodies without proper filtration need cleaning and maintenance at short intervals.

Cleaning and maintaining a water feature has both ecological benefits as well as increases the aesthetic appearance of the water feature. The KJA&Sons team are professionals which you can hire to clean, access, and educate you on the system you have.

Having a true pond professional figure out and explain to you what you have and what you need to do can save a lot of headaches and downtime in the long run. Pond maintenance is directly related to the type of filtration systems used.

As we know that not all ponds are created as per thumb rule. Having extensive pond know how helps us in making the correct judgements most of the time. So that we are able to successfully sort out problems at every new pond site.

If you are planning on buying a home or have recently purchased one and it has a water feature/pond lets us know we can be of great assistance to you. The KJA&Sons ponds team has a process for helping home-owners understand their newly inherited ponds.

In any new maintenance project, the first step will be the inspection of the water feature as well the pump rooms and Biofilter if provided.

Secondly, the Aquatic life present will be caught using suitable net gear and will be introduced into the spare or quarantine tank. Fishes will be inspected for any disease or injuries before leaving them back to the cleaned pond or water body.

After all the aquatic life is removed the pond or water body will be drained out.
We recommend that someone responsible from the property owner's side should be present to understand the condition of the pond and its types of equipment.

Once the pond is drained completely the ponds inside walls, skimmers, plumbing bottom and drains will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any cracks or leaks. The condition of the fittings inside the pond will be inspected, cleaned and if required replaced.

Lights and electrical wirings for the lights are provided inside the ponds will be inspected and replaced if necessary.

In the pump room, the main pumps and filters will be inspected and cleaned if necessary replaced. The function test of all the controllers and control panel/auto breakers will be tested/checked and results noted.

Biofilter chambers will be emptied and all the sludge will be pumped out and all the bio media will be cleaned thoroughly. Additional media will be added if required.

After all the cleaning is done the pond will be left for air drying after the pond is dry pond epoxy coatings can be done again. Or fresh water can be filled back.

Appropriate pond starter will be added in order to free the pond water from any contaminants and will also help in starting up the biofilters.

Once the water is tested the found satisfactory the fishes can be introduced back to the pond.

Having a clean pond with a good recirculating, Aeration and proper filtration will help in keeping the fishes as well as the owners happy.

Use KJA&Sons Pond services to maintain and clean your pond or water feature. You can find out what a pond cleaning can cost by calling us.

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