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Water Features & Fountains

Water Features & Fountains

Water features can be made in all sizes and shape and with a fountain to give ultimate viewing pleasure and soothe your mind & senses. It doesn’t matter if you have a small backyard or large villa property our solution can fit in despite the size. 

Bring home a natural bliss with a scenic water body which will give a resort-like experience and relaxation.

The water features can be classified into four types namely reflecting pools, ornamental pools, water gardens and fish ponds.  And each of the above different types of pond or water feature may / can be designed and build in any size, shape and with varying depth.

Reflecting pools: are designed and built to be a decorative feature usually in a garden as a central feature. These can be found in many formal, geometric shapes mostly with walkways to enjoy the pool. Lights can be provided to amplify the effect during the night.

Ornamental pools: is generally designed and built around a central statue or a sculpture located in the middle of a flower garden or patio.

Water gardens: are water features with fishes and aquatic plants which gives a very natural effect.

Water features

Water fountains: or waterfalls add aerate the water and makes a very soothing noise adding naturality to your ponds.

Streams: act as natural Biofilters ideal for meandering along paths, walkways or even pool decks. There are many types of shapes and functions which can be fulfilled by the water feature. Most importantly it differs greatly when fishes are introduced into the water feature. If so then the filtration systems needed to keep the water clean and clear differs.

If there is no scoop for the introduction of fishes we might have a simple chlorination system along with an appropriate sand filtration system. Which will provide the necessary water circulation for the water body while keeping it free of dirt.

Depending upon the type of fishes introduced an efficient filter system can be designed and installed to keep the fish and the people happy at the same time.

Water nurtures, soothes, enchants. It also inspires. So set your imagination free. Bring us your ideas, your vision, your rough sketches. We’ll add our expertise and experience to bring them to life.

Each of our water features/water bodies is completed according to the design given to us. Water features are based on the surrounding landscaping theme so that it blends in with the design.

A well-designed water feature can be maintained very easily and it will not take more than 15 minutes a week or less. We have well-trained staffs to do the assessment, repair or replace any vital parts of our biofilter, therefore we can reduce downtime considerably.

Water features

We can build water features, themed environments, waterscapes, Aquatics etc. that sets a striking architectural statement. we constantly update and redesign the water feature design incorporating the latest filtration systems which have only minimum maintenance.

We also ensure that the water flowing out of the water feature is always clear, smooth and consistent with the original design. Once completed, we’ll make sure your water feature remains true to your original vision with an AMC and service program promptly delivered by our customer service division. So that you can enjoy your work of liquid art, worry-free many more years.

Inconsistent design and building of fish ponds/water features can be a risk to your property and may lead to potentially hazardous situations. We can also deliver an Automation Solutions for Commercial & Residential water features which you can count on.

A water feature can be designed as a simple reflecting pool or can be built as a beautiful waterfall with running streams and cascade fountain. Contact us for making your very own water feature.

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