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Koi Pond Design and Construction

Koi Pond Design and Construction

A Koi pond is a great place to enjoy nature and spend time admiring your favourite fishes. Building a successful, healthy pond will be much easier with some good Designing, planning and forethought. 

If you dream of having a beautiful pond in your garden or at your business premises, KJA& Sons can design and construct the same from start to finish. Our team incorporates specialist builders and landscapers who are experts in garden and Koi pond construction.

Our pond construction teams are craftsmen who have very specific experience and expertise in the construction of ponds and aquatic environments, and they work exclusively on pond construction projects.

We can design a Koi fish pond that fits your existing garden which will blend in with the existing landscaping theme. We will be work with you and involve you in every step of the design process. Some important points for pond construction are discussed below.

The cost of constructing a Koi fish pond will depend on many factors. Location, size, finish, filters, pumps are some factors / important elements of pond construction which will sum up to the total cost. The approximate cost can be calculated after the initial site visit and preliminary drawings.

When designing the pond particular attention shall be made to water levels and plumbing line which are very critical elements to the function of the pond. It is ideal to keep the pumproom closest to the pond and biofilter chamber so that we can save a lot of energy cost. 

The smaller ponds are more susceptible to pH shifts than ponds with larger volumes of water.

One of the most important factor to consider while selecting the pump and type of filter system is the turn over a period of the water required for the pond. It is normally anywhere in between 1-2 hours, but in smaller ponds, with 20 M3 of water or less it is advisable to keep the turn over rate to 1.

The right selection of pump will provide you with a long periods of trouble-free operation and will save a lot of energy. The pond pumps come in varieties of size, shapes, flow rate and head, choose wisely to get the ideal performance out of your pumps.

Koi ponds are very different from the swimming pool and water bodies. They often require a design complete with skimmers, bottom and side drains. Mostly Koi ponds are constructed using a re-enforced concrete shell, the structure is then leak tested and waterproofed.

A two-part epoxy pond coating is advised to further protect the pond surface and for aesthetics.

The pond epoxy coatings keep the pond surface free of alga growth. An ultraviolet system for water clarity added to the biomechanical system to ensure the overall health of the pond ecosystem.

Please note that adding koi fish above your ponds recommended capacity can overload your biological filter. The ponds water chemistry will change rapidly if not identified on time it can lead to stress and other fatalities.

The pond water quality should be tested regularly so that the abnormalities of the water can be found and sorted at an earlier stage. We do sell all the required test kits for Koi keepers like pH, ORP, TDS, GH, KH etc.

It is a good choice to add a Cascade waterfall to your Koi pond which will also help in oxygenating the pond water. These cascades can be created using natural rocks or can be created using a water blade.

The cons of building a cascade using the natural stone are that, there can be water loss due to the leaks in-between the rocks and also it is more energy-consuming. To avoid water leaks all the rocks joins should be sealed using appropriate sealants.

Streams also are a wonderful addition to the Koi fish pond. The sound of the flowing water is very relaxing and sets the mood for your garden pond. Streams also can be modified to act as an additional biological filtration method for your pond and to oxygenate the pond water naturally.

Water flowing over coarse filter gravel is also a natural biofiltration method. The beneficial bacteria can grow on the filter gravel provides the addition Biofiltration.

When water flows through stream the oxygen dissolves in the water naturally. This returning water with high oxygen content is very essential for maintaining the ponds water requirement.

If you think about having a pond, stream or waterfall in your garden but do not know where to start and how to go about the same, then we can help.

Our pond design is safe for all age groups including children's. All ways plan ahead so that all can enjoy its beauty to the fullest.

It is equally very important to check your budget before considering the building of a Koi pond, Koi are quite easy to keep as a pet, once everything is set up properly according to plan.

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