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How to Set Up A Koi Pond Filtration System

How to Set Up A Koi Pond Filtration System

Ponds are home to fishes and amphibians of many varieties. As pond builders, we must always build a good filter system which ensures optimal quality of water at all time and with minimal maintenance.

Koi fishes are pretty koi that simply delights yourself every time you feed it.

The pond filters work round the clock to continuously clean the pond’s water making it dirt free. It also helps to ensure the water chemistry remains balanced at all time, provides a healthy environment for the pet Koi fishes.

Not all koi pond filters are built the same way and also each filter will perform differently with various types and styles of ponds.

Water Quality test is the primary test to be done to ensure the quality of source water. Which can at times be well, groundwater or water from other reliable sources.

Next thing to calculate is the total quantity of water available in your pond so that you can size your filters accordingly.

Two important parts of Pond filters used in koi fish ponds are mechanical filters and Biofilters. A most important duty of a pond filter is to remove insoluble waste and soluble waste it is this quality of the filter which keeps the water always clean and sparkling clear.

The beneficial bacterias that grow in the biofilter chamber help in neutralizing the dissolved chemical wastes by converting them to less harmful substances.

In a biological filter, the beneficial bacteria can take up to six to eight weeks to colonise in the filter media. During this stage at most care shall be taken to keep the fish feeding down and the quality and water parameters shall be regularly checked using an approved test kit.

An adequate UV system can be also included while designing the pond filters which will help in keeping the pond algae free. Uv clarifier helps in controlling water-borne diseases.

Adequate aeration is also necessary to keep the pond life happy. It should be suitable enough to support the growth of fish as well as the beneficial bacterias.

Koi pond filters can be broadly classified into two types namely Open and pressurised. All the different type of combinations and permutations of these two types are possible.

Each type of filtration system performs differently in different conditions. Therefore each pond set up should be closely monitored and suitable filter system shall be designed accordingly.

The removal of wastes must be addressed properly at the design stage itself. It remains as one of the main cause of problems in most of the disastrous pond cases.

Clean and clear water does not mean it is good for the fish habitat, make sure to check the pond water parameters at adequate intervals.

Koi Fish need the finest filtration to live a healthy life. Do not be misled by sub-standard pond design and installation that does not purify the koi pond to the highest standard. At KJA &Sons we do it right.

We will give you personalized help and advice you need during your project and in the future to keep your pond and koi fish happy and healthy!

Building Biofiltration systems for your koi pond are our speciality, connect with us for more information.

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