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How to Feed Your Pet Koi Fishes | Koi Fish Feeding Tips

The Koi fish pond is more than a home for your pet Koi fish. It's moreover a cohesive micro-ecosystem. The feeding patterns and the quality of the food are equally important to keep your Koi and the pond water conditions at optimal levels. 

Feeding is one of the most important parts of any fish keeping. Especially in Koi fish keeping, the hand feeding sessions are a very delightful experience. It is best to feed your Koi fishes during the daytime and ideally three-four times a day if it is a warm day.  During heavy rains and in winter you may reduce the food quantity.

Once you have their trust and bond, Koi fishes will come up to the surface and near so that you can interact with them. Koi fishes can be easily trained to take feed right out of your hands.

Following are some important tips with respect to feeding.

  • Most importantly observe the feeding habitat of your Koi fishes

  • Do not feed your Koi with old or spoiled food.

  • Koi fish can eat anywhere between 2-10 grams at a time.

  • Only feed them as much as they can eat in about 5 - 6 minute period.

  • Quantity feed should be noted and monitored if you Koi's can finish them in a period of 5-6 minutes.

  • Please switch off all filtration systems when you are feeding your Koi. This will help you monitor them closely.

  • If there is any excess food scoop them out so that it doesn’t get into the skimmers or biofilters.

  • Reduce the quantity of food during cold weather.

  • Do not feed your Koi if undergoing medication*

  • Avoid feeding during Stormy weather.

  • Smaller Koi fish eat flakes of feed or tiny pellets.

  • Don't feed your koi with cheap quality food.

  • If any of the fish is not taking food, as usual,  take time to observe the fish more closely so that problems can be identified at an earlier stage.

Koi fishes are not just about beauty, patterns and colour, it's about the trust and bond they have with you. To keep them in ideal conditions the choice of the feed also plays a very important role in growth as well in highlighting their textures.

There are hundreds of variations of Koi and each one is fascinated by their unique characteristics. We can supply you with many types of Koi fishes as well as different types of feed for them.

There is feed specifically designed for growth of Koi, also there is feed recommended for enhancing the colour of your Koi. We can also recommend a particular diet for your Koi so that it remains in perfect shape.

We distribute Hikari Foods to many dealers. Do contact us for pricing and stock availability. Hikari is one of the oldest Koi fish food manufacturers in the world. All Hikari Koi diets are specifically and specially formulated.

Rest assured that a Koi pond on any Hikari food will never require any additional dietary supplements what so ever.

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