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Koi Fish Pond and Plants

Koi Fish Pond and Plants

The "Koi" is an ornamental pond fish, It is a very friendly and calm fish that brings pride and pleasure to each home-owner who keeps them in a fascinating aquatic garden — right in their backyard. Koi fish ponds add aesthetics and every lasting beauty to any existing gardens. 

The Koi fishes are one of the favourite pets over the years, compared to dogs and cats. Koi fishes can be trained to eat the feed right out of your hands, it is a mesmerising experience. They are beautiful to look at and people love colour full appearances as pretty, low maintenance pets.

Another precious thing is seeing water lilies blooming in your natural Koi fish pond among other aquatic plants. We promote the growth of plants and vegetation in Koi ponds as a part of our design so that the pond filtration is kept to a mandatory/minimum thereby saving energy costs.

Well, It is all about designing the right pond with the right filtration methods, plants and fishes for your needs. Selecting a spot where the Koi pond can be easily viewed from a place of relaxation in your home, porch, or deck is very important.

We have designed and built numerous ponds for many passionate Koi fish keepers. Our renovations and additions to the existing pond are done to enhance and extend the pond’s beauty and water quality.

Rock and stones are also sometimes added to enable natural growth of beneficial bacteria for the neutralization of ammonia and nitrates generated by the fish waste.

The fine blanket of algae that coats rocks and pond walls are good for the fish in many ways. Beneficial bacteria colonize on it and it is also a good and healthy source of food for the fish. These thin blankets of algae act as a natural filter in neutralizing the nitrates.

These natural aquatic plants improve water quality by oxygenating and removing excess nutrients from pond water. Planting in ponds helps a lot in neutralizing single-cell algae and keep water naturally clean, But the string algae are to be removed by hand or using nets

Pond plants like Parrot Feathers, Amazon plants, Hornwort are very efficient in absorbing the impurities which are essential for the growth of Algae and filter the water naturally for the fishes.

But Before planting them, however, you need to make sure you provide the right growing conditions and disinfect the same, and properly take care of them after planting.

Combinations of different type of water plants are always advised — Different types include submersible, floating And marginal. Common water lilies and lotus are one of the most efficient rooted water plants in taking nutrients out of the water.

The submersibles freshwater plants like Amazon sword plant, Hornwort or parrot’s feather are also very efficient in filtering the water naturally.

Most of the freshwater plants float and they absorb the nutrients through the stems and they don't need always to be rooted. It is recommended to plant 10 x 5 bundles of submersibles for every 1 square meter of the pond area.

For more info on design and construction of Koi Fish ponds kindly get in touch with us. 

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