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Koi Pond Design and Construction

Koi Pond Design and Construction

A Koi pond is a great place to enjoy nature and spend time admiring your favourite fishes. Building a successful, healthy pond will be much easier with some good Designing, planning and forethought. 

How to Set Up A Koi Pond Filtration System

How to Set Up A Koi Pond Filtration System

Ponds are home to fishes and amphibians of many varieties. As pond builders, we must always build a good filter system which ensures optimal quality of water at all time and with minimal maintenance.

Koi Fish Feeding Tips

How to Feed Your Pet Koi Fishes | Koi Fish Feeding Tips

The Koi fish pond is more than a home for your pet Koi fish. It's moreover a cohesive micro-ecosystem. The feeding patterns and the quality of the food are equally important to keep your Koi and the pond water conditions at optimal levels. 

How to Acclimate your New Koi Fish

How To Acclimate Your New Koi Fish | Acclimating Koi

Koi fishes are species of carp fishes(Cyprinus carpio) which symbolizes calmness. Koi fish are beautiful and colourful. As it is one of the favourite pond pet fish they can now be found in ponds all across the world.

Koi Fish Pond and Plants

Koi Fish Pond and Plants

The "Koi" is an ornamental pond fish, It is a very friendly and calm fish that brings pride and pleasure to each home-owner who keeps them in a fascinating aquatic garden — right in their backyard. Koi fish ponds add aesthetics and every lasting beauty to any existing gardens. 


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