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Types Of Koi Fishes

13 Types Of Koi Fishes

A little history about Japanese Koi fishes which is the domesticated variant of ordinary carp. The Koi fish lives and breeds in freshwaters of Eastern Asia which is said to be its place of origin.

Koi Fish Disease and Body Language

Koi Fish Disease and Body Language

Japanese Koi's are friendly and peaceful fishes. Once your pond ready and the water parameters are normal you can introduce your pet koi fishes. It will take some time for the Koi fishes to acclimate to your new pond.

How To Construct A Lotus & Lilly Pond

How To Build A Lotus & Lilly Pond | Kerala | India

Lotus plants are found almost everywhere in the world. There are numerous places in Kerala where you can find them. Lotus and Lilly ponds are very easy to create and with very little attention it will give you many cheerful flowers.

Koi Fish Feeding And Temperature

Koi Fish Feeding And Temperature

Water temperature is one of the most important water parameters in Koi fish keeping. Therefore a correct feeding method should be followed giving utmost importance for the quality and the type of koi food.

What Happens Inside A BioFiltration System

How Does A Biofilter Work

A proper and efficient Biofiltration system is the key to a healthy Koi fish pond. Before the introduction of any fishes, it is vital to confirm whether the biological filtration in your pond is working optimally.

Koi Fish Pond | Koi Pond Set Up

Koi Fish Pond | Koi Pond Set Up @ Trichur

This beautiful Koi fish pond is constructed at a residence at Pudukad - Trichur, Kerala. Koi fish pond also features a small vertical garden which helps in consuming the excess nutrients generated by the Koi Fishes.


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