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Micro Concreting Works

Micro Concreting Works | Kerala

Using micro concreting technology we can create low-cost swimming pools, rainwater and fire tanks. There is a total financial saving of 30% and construction time is cut in half.


Micro Concreting is a specialized approach for small projects such as patios, driveways, and sidewalks. It uses a polymer modified mortar to create a surface that can be walked on immediately after application.

We can reduce the construction cost of tanks and parabolic structures using the micro concreting method. We can build tanks from size 25000 Ltrs up to 10 Lac Ltrs storage capacity, with a 25 years limited warranty.

Micro Concreting Works

Micro concrete has numerous advantages over conventional concreting.

  • Requires no compaction so no heavy machinery is needed.

  • Custom Size and Shapes.
  • Less Man Power required.

  • Bonds well to almost any surface.

  • Strong almost as soon as it is cured.

  • Leakproof

  • Waterproof

  • Finely finished surface no need of further plastering.

  • Chloride free making it a safe and durable surface option.

  • Will not shrink upon application which means that no cracks or folds will occur.

Micro Concreting Works

Uses of micro concreting?

Micro concrete has been applied in a variety of residential and commercial applications. The main highlight is that it helps to create a seamless and durable structure. 

Micro concreting offers endless opportunities for modern construction, architecture, interior design, and industrial design. We are committed to producing exclusive, individually produced products of the greatest quality, From hand-crafted lights and wall and floor panels to worktops, sinks, bespoke furniture, window louvres and more.

Micro Concreting Works

We can help you build low-cost swimming pools, ponds, low-cost rainwater storage tanks, Fire tanks etc.

Why Should You Consider It?

It's an excellent choice for anyone wishing to add a cheap hard-wearing concrete aesthetic to their floors or walls. Various parabolic roof designs can be created using this lightweight concreting method.

Micro Concreting Works

We have a small group of highly technically qualified and dedicated employees with extensive experience in chemical grouting and other waterproofing treatments.

KJA& Sons is a construction company that works with individual clients and developers on projects. Our professional in-house teams ensure the high quality, timeliness, and cost-efficiency of our projects from start to completion. 

Micro Concreting Works


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