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Aquaponics System - Low-Cost Fish Farming Kerala

Aquaponics System - Low-Cost Fish Farming 

Aquaponics symbolises the relation between water, aquatic life, bacteria, nutrient dynamics, and vegetable plants which grow synchronically in a man-made system.

Aquaponics system by design combines the benefits and eliminates the drawbacks of tradition aquaculture and hydroponic systems. We can assist you in the setting up low-cost aquaponics system which can provide sustainable income for farmers — i.e, income through fish and vegetables.

Our home aquaponic setups are a great way to continuously ensure the supply of fresh, good quality fish and vegetables for you and your family. Low-cost aquaponics techniques in Fish and Vegetable Farming is a considerable saving over the conventional RAS system.

This #Low #Cost Aquaponics system is constructed from locally-available common PVC piping and pump component which maintains the water flow for the plant's irrigation and nutrients supply.

Low Cost aquaponics Kerala

Water is treated by the plant in the grow bed and returned to the fish rearing tank. The beneficial bacterias that grow in the grow bed help in controlling and removing the ammonia present in the water from the fish rearing pond.

These beneficial bacterias break down Ammonia and nitrite from the fish waste by converting them to useful nutrient (nitrate).

We wish to help and promote the urban farming concept which does not need a huge place and high maintenance of the fish and vegetable plants.
Sytems suitable for a new entrepreneur to commercialize aquaponics farming projects are available.

Low Cost aquaponics Kerala

We have helped many people in building low-cost aquaponics system. A small household aquaponics system can grow enough leafy greens, herbs and raise fish for a small family all year round.

Low Cost aquaponics Kerala

We always design our aquaponics system by taking cues from nature to make it more energy-efficient. Just like our mother nature does in every aquatic ecosystem. We strongly believe in protecting the available natural resources.

Types of vegetable which can be Grown?

We can grow all kinds of vegetables in our Aquaponic Systems. Some the vegetables which we can cultivate in an aquaponics system are cucumbers, beans, peas, peppers, corn, herbs, broccoli, lady's finger, cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce and greens.

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