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Pond Liners For Aquaculture || Aquaponics

Pond Liners For Aquaculture || Aquaponics

Pond liners are made normally made from derivatives of plastic like HDPE, LLDPE, FPP, PVC, EPDM etc.. They are manufactured by sandwiching synthetic fabric with a polymer.

The most commonly used pond liners are PVC pond liners and HDPE Pond Liners. These low water permeable membranes can also be made on site by spraying polymer like poly urea directly on a geotextile fabric which is placed along the pond surface.

A well installed and maintained pond liner will last about 15 to 20 years, this figure will change dramatically if it is not installed correctly by professionals like us.

PVC pond liners are mostly used in Aquaponics and aquaculture to create holding tanks for growing fishes and or shrimp.

Please note that tarpaulin or Tarp is not an alternative for PVC pond liners. Since tarpaulins are not waterproof, they repel water only to a certain extent therefore not suitable for pond construction.

The main benefit of using PVC pond liners or EPDM pond liners for the construction of ponds is to reduce the cost of pond construction.

One of the cheapest ways to construct a fish pond is by using PVC pond liner. One of the most important benefits of creating ponds with pond liners is that it can be easily mended by heat welding.

The GSM to be used vary from fish to fish. But in general 120 GSM (Grams per Square Metre), 160 gsm, 180 gsm, 200 gsm, 220 gsm, 250 gsm are used for pond construction.

There are many types of pond liners and a wide range of colours are also available to choose from. These PVC pond liners and EPDM pond liners are non-toxic for all forms of aquatic and plant life.

UV stabilized are commonly used for outdoor application and non UV stabilized liners are used for indoor application where the pond is not in contact with sunlight.

The right amount of UV stabilizers added to the liner ensures even on the direct exposure to sunlight will give many many years of service life. PVC pond liners have a minimum life span of 10 years or more.

We can help you choose the correct pond liner as per your requirements, supply different types of liners and install the same at your request. 

The cost of pond liners increases as the GSM of the liner increases, also the cost of pond liners depends greatly on the quantity of the liner required. The cost of the liners starts at Rs 18 / Square feet and goes up as the GSM of the pond liner increases.

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