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High-Density Fish Farming

High-Density Fish Farming

High-density fish farming is a method of aquaculture that uses a very high stocking density of fish in a given volume of water.

Micro Concreting Works

Micro Concreting Works | Kerala

Using micro concreting technology we can create low-cost swimming pools, rainwater and fire tanks. There is a total financial saving of 30% and construction time is cut in half.

Aquaponics System - Low-Cost Fish Farming Kerala

Aquaponics System - Low-Cost Fish Farming 

Aquaponics symbolises the relation between water, aquatic life, bacteria, nutrient dynamics, and vegetable plants which grow synchronically in a man-made system.

Cage Fish Farming in Kerala | Cage Culture

Cage Fish farming in Kerala | Cage Culture

What is Cage Farming?

Cage culture is one the best method to cultivate fish in a natural habitat like pond, river, lake and sea. Cage culture, unlike the recirculating aquaculture system, is netted colonies where we cultivate fish in its natural habitat.

Types of fishes used in Aquaculture and Aquaponics

Types of fishes used in Aquaculture and Aquaponics

Aquaculture and Aquaponics are one of the two methods which are widely used adapted all over the world to cultivate fish through sustainable farming. 

Pond Liners For Aquaculture || Aquaponics

Pond Liners For Aquaculture || Aquaponics

Pond liners are made normally made from derivatives of plastic like HDPE, LLDPE, FPP, PVC, EPDM etc.. They are manufactured by sandwiching synthetic fabric with a polymer.


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