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UV Filters for Koi Fish Ponds

UV Filters for Koi Fish Ponds

UV water filters are one of the vital components in your pond filter system. We can recommend the right UV Clarifier for your needs, and supply with the ones which are made out of Stainless Steel 304 Grade.

If used correctly it can help to keep your pond clear and free of algae. The right intensity and correct flow rate through the UV water clarifier will ensure algae-free water.

Unlike the ones made out of plastic, we can supply you with sturdy and realisable UV Filters which are made out of stainless steel at a reasonable cost. The Uv Filters can be custom manufactured as per your water flow needs, out smallest systems can handle a water flow of 250 Litres per minute. We can design, configure, and manufacture systems which can handle more than 33,000 litres of water per minute.

The cost of UV clarifier's starts from Rs 6500 onwards and the delivery time is anywhere between 5 to 6 weeks for bigger systems and 4 to 5 days for smaller systems.

Uv water clarifiers are often called a UV pond filter or UV sterilizers Or UV clarifier. But the function of a UV filter is not to filter water but it helps to keep a tab on the growth of algae and restricts the growth of other microorganisms.

As discussed earlier the right intensity will help in maintaining a good biological environment. 


When planning to buy UV filter the following points are to be noted.

  1. Whether it is of the right intensity, and the wavelength of the Uv Lamp is correct.

  2. Make a note of the inlet and the output temperature of the water, since it will affect the ecology of water. Fishes like Koi are extremely sensitive to temperature changes.

  3. Check the IP Classification of the Uv System. I.e whether it can be installed exposed to sunlight and weather.

  4. Check for the maximum rated pressure, I.e the rated flow rate of the UV system should match with that of the selected Pump.

  5. Inlet and outlet plumbing connection specifications.

Following are the details of standard models available with us, kindly contact us for price details.

Any other configuration which is not listed below can also be custom manufactured upon request.

Flow Rate  Details Size Inlet & Out Let Make
 250 LPH Quartz 40mm Dia x 300mm 1/2" BSP female   SS 304
 500 LPH  Direct Lamp 75mm Dia x 450mm   1/2" BSP female      SS 304 
 1000 LPH Direct Lamp   75mm Dia x 900mm 1" BSP female  SS 304 
2000 LPH  Quartz    75mm Dia x 900mm 1" BSP female  SS 304 
 3000 LPH  Direct Lamp 140mm Dia x 900mm  1" BSP female  SS 304 
 4000 LPH Quartz    140mm Dia x 900mm 1 1/2" BSP female  SS 304 
 6000 LPH Quartz    170mm Dia x 900mm 1 1/2" BSP female  SS 304 
 8000 LPH Quartz   220mm Dia x 900mm  1 1/2" BSP female  SS 304 
 10000 LPH Quartz   220mm Dia x 900mm  2" BSP female SS 304 

Condition For Use of Ultra Violet Systems

  • Water Supply source          -    Raw Water

  • Feed Water Pressure Max   -    2.0 - 4.5 Kg (depending upon the selected model)

  • Feed Water Temperature    -   15° C -- 29° C

  • pH                                    -    6.5 -- 9.5

  • Turbidity                           -   < 5 NTU

  • TDS                                  -   < 1500 ppm

  • Hardness                           -   < 300 ppm

  • Iron                                  -    0.03 ppm

  • Manganese                        -    0.05 ppm

Control Panel And System Features

  • Power safety   On / Off

  • UV Lamp Wave Length 260 nm–270 nm

  • Attached and Detachable  Power Panel - 1No ( Selected Models)

  • Electrical Cable - 1.0 meters


The plant provided by us shall have a warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning. Warranty is subject to the proper operation of the plant as per the recommended Operation and maintenance procedures. This warranty doesn’t cover Lamp. Any damage due to flood, earthquake, war, theft or accident due to improper operation will not be covered under warranty. 


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