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Water Volume Calculator

Water Volume Calculator

Water Volume Calculator has many uses it can be used to calculate the quantity of water required to fill up a water tank, swimming pool or Koi fish pond. To find the quantity in cubic feet or Meter Cube input the water bodies measurements of length ,breath and depth in meters or Feet

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Example for Calculating the Volume Of Water / Quantity of Water.

Using the given formula and self explanatory example it is very easy to determine the Quantity of water required to fill up a swimming pool. If the depth of water body is not constant you will need to take the mean of depth measurements taken at constant intervals.

Formula for Calculation

Volume of Water = Length x Breadth X Depth

For example :- Swimming pool with Length 14 Mtrs, Breadth 12 Mtrs and depth 3 Mtrs = 14x 12 x 3 = 504 CUM

For example :- Swimming Pool with Length 14 Feet, Breadth 12 Feet and Depth 3 Feet = 14x 12 x 3 = 504 CFT


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