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Mechanical Filters for Koi Pond

Mechanical filtration systems are self-contained units which do the mechanical filtration of pond water. These filters can also be designed to provide both mechanical and biological filtration. The components of mechanical filter media are inert - this means they will do nothing to interfere with your water chemistry. The media mechanically or physically strains solid waste from water passing through it.

Our systems can provide complete filtration of pond water including UV treatment and circulation for multi-tank culture systems, koi ponds and water gardens. All systems including pump, filter, skimmers, UV sterilizer, bead filter, valves, etc. can be supplied and fixed by our experienced team.

Mechanical filtration systems if installed in a koi fish pond is an ideal choice for removing solid waste such as fish excrement, algae, detritus, dead plant matter and uneaten food. Solid waste removal is one of the most important processes in a recirculating aquaculture system which is vital for the efficiency of your biological filters.

Our selection of mechanical filtration includes sand filters, biofilters, bead filters, canister filters, cartridge filters, bag filters, and filter media. Configurations with performance and specifications to suit the needs for many aquatic applications can be designed and installed by us.

When designing your koi pond, plan the right filtration design giving careful consideration to the types of filters and filter media you will use. For a larger pond, the ideal mechanical pre-filter is a skimmer. Skimmers draw the water off the pond's surface, trapping any floating debris before it can break down and become suspended in the water or settle over your submerged pump. Skimmers are typically placed at the edge of the pond where they can be easily maintained.

Your filter choices can make the difference between a healthy ecosystem or one in which the inhabitants must struggle daily to survive. When choosing a pond filter, you should always consider the size of the pond and the number of fish that the filter needs to support.

Keep your pond clean and your fish healthy with reliable pond filters from KJA & Sons.

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