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Bio Filters For Koi Pond | Kochi | Kerala | India

Bio Filters For Koi Fish Pond & Aquaculture

Koi Fish are multi-coloured freshwater fishes which are simply gorgeous, but at the same time require high-quality water to survive in a pond. That is where we come into the picture. We provide filtration systems which can be custom designed to provide both mechanical and biological filtration for Koi pond, aquaculture, fish farms and aquaponics.

In a natural pond, the water, soil, plants, and animals all live in harmony. The only way to have a man-made pond function normally is to have a biofilter installed with proper aeration. We can build and install the necessary biofiltration systems for your pond according to its size and fish density. Since it is custom-build it can function flawlessly for many years.

Biofilters are primarily used to maintain the quality of water in a circulating or a closed-loop system such as an aquarium or pond. These biofilters are designed according to the purpose for which it is indented. Depending on the type and design biofilters will help to remove harmful ammonia from the water. Most pond biofiltration systems are designed to remove and convert ammonia first into nitrite and then to a less toxic nitrate.

What is Biofilter?

A good biofilter would do the following tasks efficiently:

  1. Remove ammonia and nitrites.

  2. Remove dissolved organic solids and suspended solids.

  3. Add oxygen and remove carbon dioxide.

  4. Remove excess nitrogen and other dissolved gases.

There are many different methods of maintaining good water quality and biofiltration is only one component of the whole picture. It is, however, a very important and essential component, especially for recirculating systems. There are several types of biofilters used for aquaculture applications. While many have common features, some are fundamentally different from the rest.

Biofilter uses a non-moving surface area to provide a media for various bacteria to attach and grow. The media remains in place while the water flows through the system. The heart of these biofilters is the substrate or media used to provide the surface area. The type of packing used strongly influences both the capital and operating costs of the biofilter.

Our custom-built biofilters and mechanical filters are used in aquaculture, public aquariums, koi pond systems, among others. Get in touch with us to order yours today.

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