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Cost of Plumbing Works | Kochi | Ernakulam | Kerala

Cost of Plumbing Works 2019

A smooth and simple functioning plumbing system is very much essential for all homes and establishments. The convenience of modern living shall not be disturbed by common problems such as a clogged drain, a leaking flush, dripping faucet, leaking valves, etc. 

Cost per square foot charges for plumbing works, Yes, we can also say the price per square foot is normally priced based upon the job, job site, construction type, and difficulty to place the fixture or the complexity of the tasks involved. 

Updated On 25/11/2017

Sl No Description of work Rate
1.  3/4 " Concealed Pipeline works  190 / Meter
2.   Wall /  Roof Slab / Sunshade -  Concrete Hole Drilling for 3/4" Pipes 120 / Hole
3.   2 " Concealed pipe waste line works 100 / Meter
4.   Wall /  Roof Slab / Sunshade -  Concrete Hole Drilling for 2" Pipes 130 / Hole 
5.   4 " Concealed pipeline works 180 / Meter 
6.   4" Open line works  95 / Meter
7.   Wall /  Roof Slab / Sunshade - Hole Drilling for 4" Pipes  140 / Hole
8.   Bathroom Pipe laying and Installation works 6700 / Bathroom  
   Installation Of Washbasin, Pipes, Flush Tank and Closet  
   Freshwater Line,  Hot water line etc..  

Preparing a plumbing work cost estimate for a building undergoing renovations is very different and complicated than quoting rates for plumbing a new building.

If plumbing is properly planned and executed with the right fittings and fixtures many of these minor problems could be avoided and a lot of money and time can be saved. 

If you are unhappy with the plumbing works done in your home, first discuss it with the plumbing worker or company who did the job. If you are still unhappy, get in touch with us.



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