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Cost of Electrical Works In Kerala 2019

The cost of labour for electrical works in Kerala can be classified into two categories i.e charged in two ways (1) according to the no. of electrical points and (2) with respect to the plinth area of the building as per the approved building plan

Electrical work is the manufacturing, constructing, installing, testing, maintaining, repairing, altering, removing/replacing of electrical equipment or electrical wiring in a building.

Updated On 16/01/2019

Sl no Description of  Work Unit  Rate Notes
1  Supply and Wiring light point using 1 mm 2 copper
 Conductor single core stranded wire in 20mm PVC
 Pipe ISI (L) complete with all accessories, ceiling
 Rose strip connectors, Modular type switches, front plates
, metal boxes and giving connection.
Per Point  750.00  
 -do- 6A plug point in combined position Per Point  450.00  
 -do- 6A plug point in an independent position. Per Point  700.00  
 -do- Fan point including fixing socket type step    Regulator Per Point  1000.00  
5  Supply and wiring 2-way control Per Point  1000.00  
6  Supply and laying 2 run with earth 1 .5 mm  2 wire
 through the existing PVC pipe
Per Meter  85.00  
 Supply and laying 2 run with earth 2 .5 mm 2 wire
 through the existing PVC pipe
Per Meter  105.00  
 Supply and laying 2 run with earth 4 mm 2 wire through
 the existing PVC pipe. 
Per Meter  130.00  
9  Supply and laying 4run 4mm2 wire with earth Per Meter  155.00  
10  Supply and providing 20mm PVC pipe on wall /
 Ceiling for power plugs.
Per Meter  40.00  
11  -do- 25mm PVC pipe Per Meter  75.00  
12  Supply and fixing 16A socket controlled by
 16A 1 way switch.
Per Meter 130.00  
13  Supply and providing TPN 6 way Double Door
 Phase Selector DB and giving connection.
Per Unit  10500.00  
14  Supply and laying 16-way SPN Double Door DB
 And giving connection.
Per Unit  3500.00  
15  Supply and laying 12 SWG copper as earth lead. Per Meter  55.00  
16  Supply and laying 10 SWG copper as earth lead. Per Meter  95.00  
17  Supply and fixing 6-32A Sp MCB in the existing DB. Per Unit  350.00  
18  -do- 63A FP MCB Isolator. Per Unit  750.00   
19  -do- 63A FP 30ma RCCB. Per Unit   4850.00   
20  -do- 40A DP Isolator. Per Unit   550.00   
21  -do- 40A DP 30ma RCCB Per Unit   3850.00   
22  Supply and Installing Earth Pipe. Per Unit  450.00  
23  Supply and fixing Telephone point. Per Point  650.00  
24   Supply and fixing TV point.  Per Point  800.00   
25   Supply and laying 2 pair Telephone wire. Per Meter 35.00   
26   Supply and laying RG-6 coaxial cable. Per Meter  55.00  
27   Supply and fixing Meter Panel Board with
 Provision for INo. 3phase Meter, 5 Nos single
 Phase meter with fuses and etc.
Per Unit 14000.00  

Please note that all the above rates are subject to the work being done within Ernakulam city limits, Extra charges are applicable for the work outside Ernakulam city limits. Kindly let us know in advance the location of the site where the work has to be done so that we can give the quotation accordingly. 

When building a new home or renovating an existing one, plan for your present electrical needs and for what you may need in the future. Make sure that you have adequate power points and standard fittings. Any person who carries out prescribed electrical work is required to hold a certificate of competency. Whenever you contact an electrical worker always check for his licence and experience in doing the job satisfactorily.

What's more important than anything else is, how much will it cost you to do the work. Our electricians can provide you with a unit price for supplying and fixing each item such as the doorbell, switch, outlet, disconnect, ceiling fan (wired and/or installed), etc. or they can work at a per square feet rate.

After going through the detailed scope of works provided we shall give you an accurate quote. Commercial and industrial electrical works are never the same. You might have an idea of what the costs would be, but it is always advised to do an accurate takeoff.

To know more about the costs of electrical works and project executions contact us.

Our Goal - To provide our customer with the best of our services and at best competitive value to suit your budget.


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