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Land Survey and Mapping Services

Land surveying is the art and science of accurately measuring dimensions, lengths, boundary lines of land including structures within the area which are all precisely determined through a land survey.

Land Survey services are part of KJA & Sons, bringing together South India's leading land survey consultants & surveying company LanDec.

Our priority is to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements and to efficiently deal with each task as they present themselves. We offer a fully integrated service from a fully committed and equipped team, capable of meeting every related need.

The optimum potential of the land you own can only be defined once you have done a land survey. Whether you are planning to put it on the market, or should you want to use it for commercial purposes, a land survey must back you up if ever questions regarding everything about the land arise.

Land surveying will always be an integral part of protecting real estate and upholding of laws governing the utilization and distribution of your land assets. It is the best method to settle disputes over land ownership. It gives a clear picture of what buildings are suited to be constructed in a given land area.

And it’s a convenient way to determine the exact dimensions of real estate to be purchased or sold. Land surveying will provide a sense of security and peace of mind to every landowner and even to the future buyers.

Following are the services offered by us.

  • DPR Preparation and Project Feasibility Studies

  • Road Survey and Route Surveys

  • Land Contour Surveys

  • Topographical & Contour Surveys

  • GPS Control Satellite Surveys

  • Building Documentation as-built Building Documentation

  • Earth cutting, filling and quantity calculation

  • Soil Testing 

  • Foundation Engineering and Designing

Types of Survey Services in Detail:-

DPR Preparation and Project Feasibility Studies:

Providing detailed project report for all kind of civil engineering infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, rails, canals, flyovers, by conducting field surveys, investigation, martial surveys, geo-tech investigation, preparation of detailed design, estimation etc, and submission of detailed project report for execution.

Road Survey:

These are carried out for laying proposed roads, strengthening and widening of existing roads. The sectional profile with the topographic information of the survey corridor helps the designers to design the road considering the practical feasibilities. Digital Land Survey includes Topographical Survey and Contour Survey.

Route Surveys:

These are carried out to locate the alignment for transmission lines, pipelines, cable networking, etc., The sectional profile with the topographical information of the survey corridor helps the designers to design the route considering the practical feasibilities.

Land Contour Surveys:

These are carried out to find the difference in elevation of the existing ground. Contours are imaginary lines connecting the slopes of the same height. The contour maps provide the condition of the existing terrain conditions, which helps the design team in deciding the proposed ground profile and in designing the drains.

Topographical & Contour Surveys:

These are carried out to prepare the detailed site plan like boundaries, building, roads, trees, etc and the contour drawings with grid levels showing the land profile of the site. These maps are used in the planning stages of projects to help in designing the Layout and Locations of the buildings, roads, etc.

Boundary Surveys:

These are carried out to re-establish and /or to recover the property corners of a piece of property and accurately define the limits of the subject property.

Measured Building Surveys:

These are carried out to prepare the as-built floor plans, elevations and sections of existing buildings to be provided for reconstruction projects, architectural, renovation purposes and to resolve any sort of disputes with regards to the area.

Setting out Survey:

These are carried out to mark the locations on the ground, as per the drawings. These services are used in both pre-construction and post-construction activities. Mainly used for setting out of piles points, columns, plot points and road alignments in plot layouts, etc.

GPS Controlled Satellite Survey:

These are carried out to establish a network of points called Control Points or Control Stations. These points can be used for the subsequent measurements that are to be recorded at the site. Establishing the control points calls for most precision, as this will have a direct bearing on the accuracy of the final survey to be carried out at the project site.

Latitude and Longitude of these points are measured using satellite DGPS instruments and the site drawing can be superimposed on Google map.

Volume Calculation:

These are carried to compute the volume of cutting and filling while analyzing a ground profile for proposed industrial complexes, buildings, roads, strengthening and widening of roads, levelling or excavating the existing ground to the required depth etc. These are carried out to calculate the proposed quantities of earth in a hill or filling of a low lying area with detailed volume and area calculations with cross-sections.

Underwater Bathymetric surveys :

These are explorations conducted using special GPS System installed on custom boats. These underwater surveys provide detailed topographic data of the seabed and coastal that forms the base of the levee systems. Underwater erosion of the seabed, which is not visible from above the sea surface, is revealed by the highly sensitive special GPS.

Drawing preparation:

Surveyed data is downloaded to the computer and then processed with some international software that helps in preparing the digital drawings automatically this reduces the errors in submitting plotted drawings.

Soil Testing:

Conducting Standard Penetration Test at regular intervals using mechanised(Calyx) boring units, Testing the collected data in labs submitting the reports with bore logs, lab results, foundation recommendation of Geophysical / Structural consultants. Which also includes Soil Investigation, Electrical Resistivity Test, Soil / Water, Chemical Test.

PMS for Land Development Projects:

Which includes Plot Layout Designing, Land Development design with Estimation & Site Supervision for Execution.

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