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How to select a suitable place for your Vertical Garden | Kochi | Kerala | Ernakulam

7 Tips For Selecting A Place For Vertical Garden

Following are some tips for selecting a suitable place for your Vertical Garden.

  1. For installations on Balcony choose a balcony facing east or west to enable it to receive direct sunlight.

  2. Plan to construct a vegetable garden in your backyard. Keep in mind that the vegetables will require at least 6 hours of sunlight for successful propagation.

  3. Choose a place against the south-facing fence or wall.

  4. Select an appropriate vertical support system for your vertical garden. Some of the structures include wall, fence, pyramid, tripod, wire case and trellis.

  5. An arbour, arch or a hanging basket can also serve as a genuine focal area for supporting your plants and veggies.

  6. Choose the structure according to the plant; some require a sturdy support structure while some can tolerate every support system.

Vertical garden

Vertical garden

Vertical garden

Vertical garden

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