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3 Tips For Maintaining Aquarium Environment | Kochi | Kerala | Ernakulam

3 Tips For Maintaining Aquarium Environment

An aquarium is a delicately balanced ecosystem that relies on “good” bacteria to keep fish healthy. When everything is working right, helpful bacteria grow in the aquarium’s gravel and filter.

Good Bacteria help break down the ammonia and nitrite found in fish wastes which, if left unchecked, would be toxic to your fish. These are some tips for you to keep the Aquarium ecosystem always balanced.

  • Aquarium water should be cared for daily by monitoring its temperature, and weekly replace about 10% of the tank water with clean water.

  • Weekly test for pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, hardness, alkalinity and chlorine levels should also be done.

  • Make sure to clean away all the algae which will leave you with a clean and sparkling aquarium.

  • Monthly vacuum aquarium gravel and replace 25% of the tank with clean water

  • Inspect filter your aquarium, rinse or replace the cartridge, carbon and pre-filter if necessary and clean away any algae growth in and around the filter inlet pipes.






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