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Custom Filters For Fish Pond

All ponds with fishes will benefit from having a biological filter system if properly installed and maintained it will give you the desired results of clear water. 

It will help to create the perfect atmosphere for your fishes to live in, and may also help to breed. We provide custom filters for ponds with a water capacity of 600 litres and above.

Filters are made exclusively for the type of Fishes used in the pond. i.e. filter type and filtering capacity will depend on the fishes.

For example filters for Koi fish pond in an hour should filter double the water capacity of the pond, whereas a pond with Goldfishes may filter half the water volume of the pond. The type of filter and its flow rate will also depend on the type of fish pond it is intended for.

There are many types of filtration methods in use today some of them are submerged filter, emerged trickle filter, fluidized moving bed filter, etc etc. We can provide you with any type of filters. Our biological filter is reliable and easy to maintain in the long run.  

Following are the highlights of our Submerged Pond / Aquarium Filtration system.

    • Low maintenance cost

    • Increases the water volume of your pond/tank.

    • Increases Aeration

    • Provides surface skimming and simplifies water change.

    • Has Normally 3-6 filtration chamber and one bubble Trap chamber to remove any bubbles

    • Mechanical and Biological filtration system.

    • Fully customized to suit individual needs.

    • To ensure clear water year-round, an ultraviolet sterilizer is provided.

    • Adjustable maximum and minimum flow rate.

    • Consumable parts are easily available at local pet stores.

    • A  heating system is provided for maintaining constant water temperature.

    • At some places, due to extreme Atmospheric temperatures, we have to provide a pond chiller to maintain ideal water temperatures.

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Pond Filter

Dimension 2.5" X 1.5" X 1.0" feet, Capacity 15000 Liters Per Hour filtration system Installed at Mr Philip's House @ Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala.

To read more about Koi fish pond designs, koi fish pond filters, koi fishes etc follow the link below. 


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