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How to make your Kitchen Plastic Free | Kochi | Ernakulam | Kerala

How to Make Your Kitchen Plastic Free

How to make your kitchen free of plastic bags? Many of us use plastic bags to store and dispose of food waste which is generated daily.

Instead of this, you can install a Garbage disposal Unit at your kitchen sink which disintegrates food wastes. These units are nowadays extensively used in many modern Kitchens.

A good garbage disposer can help very much to maintain a kitchen clean and fresh.It is usually electrically powered, and installed under the kitchen sink between the sink's drain and the trap. The disposal unit shreds food waste into pieces small enough—generally less than 2 mm (0.079 in)—to pass through plumbing and to make its way to the drain.

The disposer should be turned on after turning the tap on and then feed the food scraps into the opening, which will get grated into granules and eventually get flushed directly into the sewage, dripping garbage bags that litter the house can be avoided.

The disposer is maintenance-free and self-cleaning. It is made of extensive high-quality stainless steel and other durable materials. The base model product is priced at Rs 22000.


Kitchen waste disposal

Kitchen waste disposal

Kitchen waste disposal

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