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Solutions to Moisture Problems Inside Buildings

Tips to Prevent Moisture

Many common water leaks /moisture are easy to detect. especially when it rains, water may drip around skylights, or a crawl space may fill with water.

If a kitchen supply line breaks, the floor will likely be flooded. On the other hand, many moisture-related problems are less obvious and can be difficult to detect or diagnose.

For example, the adhesive that secures flooring to a concrete slab may not cure properly if the slab is damp, resulting in loose flooring and microbial growth in the adhesive.

These problems are less obvious than a leak because water is not running across the floor, and the real damage is being done out of sight under flooring or behind wallpaper.

Moisture problems are preventable. They do not happen until water moves from a source into some part of a building that should be dry.

The actual damage begins after enough moisture accumulates to exceed the safe moisture content limit of moisture sensitive materials.



To diagnose or prevent a moisture problem, Remember these five key elements of moisture behaviour.

 1. Typical symptoms of moisture problems. 

They include corrosion of metals, the growth of surface mould or wood-decaying moulds, insect infestations,  palling exterior brick or concrete, peeling paint, falling floor adhesives, stained finishes and health symptoms.

2. Sources of moisture.

Among them are rainwater, surface water, groundwater, plumbing water, indoor and outdoor sources of humidity and sewer water.

 3. Transport mechanisms.

They include liquid water leaking through holes, wicking through porous materials, or running along the top or bottom of building assemblies and water vapour carried by warm, humid air leaking through assemblies and by diffusion through vapour-permeable materials.

 4. Common failures of moisture control elements and systems.

Moisture controls include site drainage, gutter systems, above- and below-grade drainage planes, condensate drainage and humidity controls. Failures can occur during any phase of a building’s life and may include poor site selection or design, poor material or equipment selection.

5. Improper installation or sequence of building materials and equipment. 

Insufficient coordination between trades during construction and insufficient or improper maintenance of materials or equipment.

We provide Moisture controlling services in Kerala at nominal rates, PU injection grouting can be a good solution to many moisture problems commonly found at homes.


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