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Leak Rectification - Mr.Rajesh,West Cherlai,Kochi

Leak Rectification Work | Roof Leak Proofing 

A case study of Leak rectification work done for the RCC Roof slab of Mr.Rajesh. residing at  T D West Road at Cherai, Kochi, Kerala. 

Cement plastering of Roof slab was thoroughly chipped and removed all cracked portions and all surface was cleaned well using a high-pressure gun and was scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly using a hard brush.

Job completed in 10 days which includes curing time 3-4 days. Following were the procedures.

  •  The entire surface was painted with  Proof  Bond, waterproofing compound, horizontally and vertically at 6 hours interval.

  •  The surface was plastered on next day with cement mortar 1: 4, 15mm thick and finished with cement flushing coat.

  •  Then the entire surface was cured for 5 days.

  •  The work was a success.

Leak Rectification

Leak Rectification

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