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Paving Stone Works | Cobble Stone Works | Kochi | Kerala

Paving Stone Works | Cobble Stone Works

‘Paver’ refers to a tile, paver or stone made from natural stone or manufactured from a variety of natural stone or from man-made materials when installed and used as an external ground surface. Cobblestone is a natural building material based on cobble-sized stones and is used for pavement roads, streets, and buildings.

Like Cobble stones paving stones are also used to paver streets and pavements. Cobble Stone (Dressed stone) are Cubic pieces of stone larger than setts, usually shaped by hand in blocks of at least 25cm.

One of the main problems is the stability issues which are becoming common day by day with reports of paving jobs lifting. These issues happen due to improper substrate preparation to following the right laying method. one of the main causes for concern is that some paver is being cut thinner to save costs.

There is an initial cost saving for the thinner paving tile but the installation costs are high for the thinner ones. Abrasive wear and slipperiness may also be significant problems in some circumstances.

Paver selection is key to a good paying job and there are two elements that you need to consider when making your choice of pavings, one is the type of traffic expected on the said pavement and second the larger the surface area of a paving unit, the thicker it should be. The stone to be used for the pavement must be clean, hard, durable, solid and free from soft material or loose pieces.

If the paver is less than 400-500mm in size the thickness should be at least 20mm. Like wise, a paver over 600mm in any one side should be at least of 30mm minimum thickness. And if it is over 1000mm the thickness should be 40mm. The Colour of the paver or the paving slabs also plays an important factor, the darker the stone more heat it will absorb and dissipate. And while choosing light coloured pavements be sure to test the irrigation water for iron content.

The Setting out and levels is very important. Make sure always to mark the finishes levels of the paver stone stone surfaces clearly. The levels should be set after every 5 meter intervals for larger area. The laying of the stone surface requires skilled labour to achieve good workmanship. And always keep a tab on the quality of stones used as discussed earlier.

All paving work, once complete, should be kept clean from dirt, dust, mould and efflorescence. These are potentially damaging elements which can be easy controlled quite simply using just water. However if the elements are left to accumulate or stain they are harder to remove also may do permanent damage.

Our work ethics and meticulous attention to detail brings to our projects the highest quality as the group enveloped with the best and most capable professionals to maintain Highest standards of excellence from the stage project inception to project completion. We are proficient in working with the following types of pavers such as paving slabs, patio pavers, driveway pavers, patio stones, block paving etc.

The following are the rock finishes in which we deal in.

  • Black Stone

  • Cobble Stone

  • Flammed Stone Grey

  • Hard Rock Cladding

  • Kerala Stone

  • Kota Stone

  • Laterite Stone

  • Mosaic Stone

  • Natural Cladding

  • Shahabad Stone

  • Sira Stone

  • Slate Stone

  • Yellow Stone

  • Yellow Teak Cladding

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