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Temple Stone Architecture & Idols | Kerala | India

Temple Stone Architecture & Idols

The architectural principles of Hindu temples in India are described in Shilpa Shastras and Vastu Sastras. The Stone architecture is a sculptor's dream come alive in stone. We can create original quality Traditional Sculpture, Relief Sculptures, Architectural Sculpture as per any given design.

A higher grade tile or natural stone will yield a more durable finished piece. That is why we work only with the finest natural stones producing a vivid level of detail and range of colour that is absolutely incomparable. With all different shapes, sizes and shades, these dense mineral deposits are perfectly imperfect, showcasing nature's true beauty.

Every region and period has produced its own distinct style of images with its regional variations in iconography. A temple should be designed to the minutest detail possible For example the placement of an image in a temple should be very carefully planned, for instance, river goddesses are usually found at the entrance of a garbhagriha in a Nagara temple, dvarapalas are usually found on the gateways or gopurams of Dravida temples, similarly, mithunas, navagrahas and yakshas are also placed at entrances to guard them.

Our team of master sculptors has acquired their unique knowledge from their forefathers and they are proficient in what they do. We can do everything from architectural drawing, design, the floor plan, Elevation, cost estimation, planning, carving and assembly of stone temples as per traditional norms. Rough natural stone/rock are shaped to an interesting object by careful removal of stone pieces.

Our process begins with digital images which allow us incredible flexibility in our designs. Then each section/piece /tile is hand-printed by highly skilled artisans using our patented technique. Marble Inlay Tabletop, Marble Inlay Tiles and Borders, Semi Precious Stone Tiles, Stone Columns and Borders, Stone Railing And Balustrade, Murals, Stone Uruli. And much more with natural stone traditional Art along with proper implication of shastra. The alluring pattern can be used in any spaces, be it professional or personal.

Kerala has a rich assortment of religious influence in the crafts which is continued and secured for traditional and cultural retention. The most long-lasting art form available for Stones is nature's artwork. Where some are left with rough edges in unique shapes and others are neatly polished by the elements. Whether naturally rough or polished to a sparkling sheen, Natural rock sculptures and murals provide for a beautiful image that is uniquely inspirational.

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Prices quoted DO NOT INCLUDE PACKING AND and SHIPPING COSTS TO YOUR DESTINATION. Online ordering is not available at this point. Please contact KJA&Sons Or our Channel Partners for all details regarding prices, payment method, and shipping costs to your destination.

As all our granite items are hand carved slight variations in size and design might occur. These variations add to the uniqueness and beauty of each piece. All items are subject to availability. Items not in stock will require a minimum of one month's delivery time.

Discounts are available on bulk and repeat orders. Contact us for further details. KJA&Sons reserves the right to discontinue any design without prior notice.

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