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Natural Stone Planter Boxes | Kerala | India

Natural Stone Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are boxes used for planting, which can be made from an eco-friendly material such as stone and wood. We at KJAsons deal with manufacturing of natural stone planter boxes, natural stone flower beds and garden pots. Garden pots , plant pots or planters are a wonderful addition to any room’s interior design or to an outdoor space.

There are a wide variety of natural stone planter boxes available with us to choose from, by which you can design your garden in a way that both fits your needs and complements your unique personality. We also have a vast collection of terracota, Ceramic , Plastic and FRP planter boxes.

You can grow plants under different conditions, using the container of your choice. One of the most frequent uses for Granite pots and planters are in public spaces which can be used to create an outdoor room screened by plants. Each planter has a smooth, dark, shiny finish that evokes a prestigious feel that is ideally suited for Home, resorts, hotels and office buildings.

Extra-Large Garden Pots, Large garden planters and custom-made planters or Stone pots are frequently specified for commercial development projects and public spaces. Natural stone planter Boxes can be made from any natural stone so it is heavy, strong and durable. And they’re less likely to blow over in the wind or get knocked down by children or pets. The planter boxes are strong enough that large roots won't break the pot and the thickness of these planters help to protect the soil from temperature fluctuations.Stone planters for indoor use are also available with us.

Types of Stone Planters:

  1. Granite Planters.
    Granite Planters are Tough, strong, and durable. And they are impenetrable and impact-resistant, ideal for displays and planting areas in public environments. The commercial grade natural stone granite guarantees these planters won't crack from vigorous root growth of larger, older plants.
  2. Slate Planters.
    The beautiful natural stone of slate planters is the finishing touch to any landscape environment. Slate is a natural stone made of sedimentary layers many variants of the soft colours of the slate planters are available. Like Granite Planter boxes these are durable and heavy enough to withstand wear and tear of commercial use. They are equally suited to high-end residential projects.

It is a good practice to apply waterproofing coating or membrane over the entire interior of the planter box. If the waterproofing membrane is applied shall be applied to the entire interior of the planter box with an upturn along the top edge.

We also offer custom sizes in these Granite Garden Pots and Planters with 20 days lead times for construction. For specific requirements, larger sizes can be custom ordered.

Order Information

Prices quoted DO NOT INCLUDE PACKING AND and SHIPPING COSTS TO YOUR DESTINATION. Online ordering is not available at this point. Please contact KJA&Sons Or our Channel Partners for all details regarding prices, payment method, and shipping costs to your destination.

As all our granite items are hand carved slight variations in size and design might occur. These variations add to the uniqueness and beauty of each piece. All items are subject to availability. Items not in stock will require a minimum of one month's delivery time.

Discounts are available on bulk and repeat orders. Contact us for further details. KJA&Sons reserves the right to discontinue any design without prior notice.

To read more about Stone Arts and Sculptures done by us follow the links below.


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