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21 Natural Stone Garden Light Boxes | Lamp Shades | Kerala | India

Natural Stone Garden Light Boxes | Lamp Shades 

Hand Carved natural stone lantern is an integral part of any landscaping or garden without stone garden light boxes the landscape feels empty of significance, inspiring neither tranquillity.Our stone light boxes are absolutely perfect for Garden and living-room lighting.

Functional and stylish stone light boxes are 100% Hand Carved from natural granite and sandstones. These stones come in a variety of gorgeous colours that come from over 80 naturally occurring minerals.

There are two reasons why Natural stone garden light boxes or Stone Lamp Shades are commonly used in Garden and Landscaping. First, because of their high resistance any type of Corrosion which gives a very long service life; second, because of their excellent installation options as discreet and pure light sources.

Look at your garden in a completely new light with exterior lighting made from brass and Natural stone. The endless possibilities are bounded only by your own imagination.

Endless combinations of natural stone garden bollard lights are available for use as a free-standing stand light. These bollard lights are available in many heights 90 cm (3 ft), 60 cm (2 ft) and 44 cm (1.5 ft) are the standard heights for use in landscape application.

These can be made from natural stone, Granite, sandstone, Marble, etc. Base plate comes with pre-bored holes to enable affixing the bollard to solid ground. The electrical cable goes in through the bottom of the bollard.

Our Light Boxes are designed to be backlit for the night or to make a stunning feature during the day. And our aim is to liven up your home with beautiful natural stone artwork that really impresses. Modern outdoor living technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, allowing for unlimited options in your outdoor living space. Contact us we will share our favourite ideas with you.

We have developed a range of designer indoor & outdoor stone sculptures, water features, Bird Baths, Garden Benches and Stone mural art which are made of natural stones which are made to suit any space. They can be used to block an unsightly view or to define a space in the garden.

You can order online for easy and fast service, or buy from one of our Retail partners. Our garden lightBox offers the best value for money and the quickest delivery of any Natural stone light box in the industry. Light Boxes can be produced in one of our designs or custom made to your design.

Our offerings are across the three primary categories of Light box styles: traditional, transitional, and contemporary.

Order Information

Prices quoted DO NOT INCLUDE PACKING AND and SHIPPING COSTS TO YOUR DESTINATION. Online ordering is not available at this point. Please contact KJA&Sons Or our Channel Partners for all details regarding prices, payment method, and shipping costs to your destination.

As all our granite items are hand carved slight variations in size and design might occur. These variations add to the uniqueness and beauty of each piece. All items are subject to availability. Items not in stock will require a minimum of one month's delivery time.

Discounts are available on bulk and repeat orders. Contact us for further details. KJA&Sons reserves the right to discontinue any design without prior notice.

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