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Home Automation System

Details Required For Planning Home Automation System | Kerala

Home automation makes an exciting enrichment to your lifestyle by improving comfort and adding convenience. Automation systems are smart and efficient, this efficiency reflects as savings on your energy bill. We can help you in designing and installing automation systems.

Home automation modules can be added to any existing building or in case of the new builds can be designed and installed during construction stages. KJA&Sons has done many prestigious home automation projects in the past years & we are the best in Kerala.

We can help you design and install automation solution which is perfect for you. 

We offer smart app-based systems which combine and exceed the best features in the market. The said system can be retrofitted and installed with few or minor modification to your existing electrical system. Automation can be life changers for people who are physically challenged, those who are not able to do basics home chores without the help of others.

For the elderly, such devices can become a great help to monitor and secure their house and property. We can help you control and monitor your smart home with ease. The types of equipment which can be controlled via a home automation module system are not limited to the following.

  • Home Control

  • Ip Video Door Phone

  • Door Locks

  • Security system & access control

  • Fire Alarm & Smoke Sensors

  • CCTV system

  • Gate Automation

  • Climate control ( HVAC)

  • Automatic Curtains And Blinds

  • Lighting automation

  • Multiroom audio & video

  • Landscape Audio

  • Living room AV

  • Home Theatre

  • Mirror TV

Home Automation

The details required for designing an automation system are as follows.

Project Master Plan
Sketch with the names of the rooms and entry markings with dimensions or the floor area. It should also show the details of external landscaping and hardscaping details with the featured wall. The relevant drawing showing the type of gates and opening directions shall be marked.

Room Vice Electrical Point - Details
Room wise details of switch points, appliances connected with its load details. Preferable the interior drawings with the light points marked with its desired settings.

Home Automation

Consolidated list of Switches and Accessories
List of all the switches, accessories connected load preferably in an excel sheet. Further, it can be classified and listed room wise for easy reference. Main switchgear design and details of MCCB, ELCB etc

Light Fittings & Home Automation accessories
Details of light fittings, automation for curtains blinds, automation of gates and doors with their power requirements are to collected and listed in the above referred excel sheet.

Home Automation

Site visit with the details
Most important is to obtain as much as details of the items which you wish to automate. After the details are collected a site visit is mandatory to verify the details.

Houses are becoming smarter and are being controlled by mobile apps like Alexa and google assistant. It is considered efficient and intelligent in today’s world as it helps to complete a task with lesser human assistance and in a smarter way. Home electrical appliances are using remote-controlled switches rather than conventional switches. The said system can accommodate every kind of in-house switch, monitoring system, or timed event.  For example, like opening your living room curtains, switching on/off your gate lights at a set time etc.

Home Automation

Though the program is installed onto a local hard drive it also can function directly from a cloud-based app. Our automation system supports over 1000 device types like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT etc.

Home automation modules can cost anywhere from Rs 3 lacs and upwards it depends on the no of electrical switch points to be automated and the capabilities/features of the system you going to use.

Wired automation solutions are more reliable but it will cost approximatly10 times more than the wireless system with the same features and can be installed in less time.

All automation modules rendered by us are the creation of some of the best automation companies in the world and internationally certified for its long-term durability.

We handle the utmost befitting equipment and materials from various brands as per project requirement to ensure quality.

Our automation and the electrical team can help you in doing a variety of jobs such as installing or upgrading industrial and commercial electrical control panels and switch gears. From electrical equipment installations, Electrical renovations and repairs to preventative maintenance, our team can handle it all!

We can execute your works with quality workmanship and in the given time frame. We are always ready to answer any queries or questions that you may have.

Please remember when it comes to all things electrical, we’re here to make your life easier.



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