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How to Disinfect and Sanitize Switches

How to Disinfect and Sanitize Switches - COVID 19

One of the most usefully used item at your home are the switches and control panel. Switches are also one of those items which are neglected always. Clean and tidy switches can prevent the spread of epidemics so it is very vital to keep them disinfected.

People always like to keep their house and permiss neat and tidy. But most of the routine cleaning schedules concentrate on dusting surfaces, clean appliances and on washing or mopping floors.

One of the most neglected useful item in your house is your light switch. Just like cleaning your mobile phone it only takes a matter of minutes and all your light switches will be spotless and sterile. Switches are one of the most forgotten areas in your home and cleaning them is super easy.

Switches can be found everywhere from light switches on the lights panel to switches on toys and gadgets. The cleaning task is very simple, just follow the steps to clean a light switch.

Following are the 7 Steps on How to Disinfect and Sanitize Switches.

  1. Safety is Important – Locate the main circuit breaker or Isolator and turn off the power to the switch panel.

  2. Use an alcohol-based antibacterial solution. Use a microfibre cloth.

  3. Don’t spray the solution directly onto the plate, spray upon the cleaning fabric.

  4. Thoroughly wipe the switches and switch plate to removing all dirt and smudge.

  5. If the switches are extremely dirty, use a small brush or cotton bud to get into the cracks and holes.

  6. Use another dry cotton or microfibre cloth to dry the switches and plates.

  7. Once it is dry turn the power back on.

How to Disinfect and Sanitize Switches

Be very cautious while cleaning the switchboards. And all ways turn off your main breakers while cleaning to ensure electrical safety. There are a lot of cleaning agents available in the market like but you can even use even the nail polish remover to clean the switches.

Always remember not to spray any liquid directly unto the surface of the switch. Switches can cause fire and short circuits if not handled with care. Another option is to use switches which are dust repellent and germ-free.

Contact us to know more about Improving hygiene and avoid microbial contamination with anti-bacterial switches. These are switches which contain Silver Ions pre-mixed in polycarbonate kills 99% bacteria and prevents bacterial growth.

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